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Questions you should think about for medical school selection


Thanks for starting the thread. We will be participating in the discussions :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’m currently a bs/md student at Robert Morris/Drexel med, finishing my 3rd year undergrad. Here are my stats and past experience: Inbox me if you have any questions!
Class Rank 2/166
Unweighted GPA 4.00/4.00 or 100%
Weighted GPA - ?/4.00, 103 %

Total - 1980/2400 (one sitting)
M - 720/800
CR - 640/800
W - 720/800

ACT: 32

Math 2: 710
Chemistry: 690

AP classes - 8 total
Calc AB -5
Calc BC - 5
Chem - 4
US history -3
US gov’t

Spanish Club Vice-President
Students Against Destructive Decisions Club (S.A.D.D.) Vice-President
Editor in Chief of literary magazine
Academic Games Team Captain
Moody’s Mega Math Challenge Team Captain
Math Club President
Concert Choir Secretary

Awards and Recognition
High Honor Roll
Bauch and Lomb Honorary Science Award from U of Rochester- top student in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
Outstanding Student Award in Physics
1st place Physics Olympic Team Member
Top 10% Moody’s Mega Math Challenge Team
AP Scholar with Honors

Extracurricular Activities
Gifted Student Program
National Honor Society
Show Choir and Concert Choir selective ensemble
MAA American Mathematics Competition
High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling Team (HiMCM)
Physics Club member

Hospital - 75 hours
School volunteering (aide, student tutor, committees, etc ~ 170 hours

3 different fields, 40 hours total

Yes, with a teacher for the past year

Applied to the following BS/MD programs:

  1. Rosemont/Drexel - interviewed at drexel - accepted
  2. Kean/Drexel -interviewed @drexel - waitlisted
  3. YSU/Neomed ---rejected pre-intervew (OOS)
  4. Kent/Neomed ---rejected pre-interview 5.Akron Neomed ---rejected pre-interview
  5. U. of South Alabama/USA Med - rejected pre-interview
  6. Elizabethtown College/Penn State Hershey Med - received interview- declined to attend
  7. U. of Cincinnati/Cin. Med - rejected pre-interview
  8. St. Bonaventure/GW - interviewed at undergrad - rejected post-interview
  9. Wayne State/Wayne Med- rejected pre-interview
  10. UMKC - waitlisted for interview - rejected
  11. Union College/Albany Med - secondary app received - selected for interview @ albany - waitlisted
  12. UAB - rejected pre-interview
  13. Michigan Tech/Wayne State Med - rejected pre-interview
  14. Washington&Jefferson College/Temple Med - received interview - declined to attend
  15. Penn State/Jefferson - rejected pre-interview
  16. Wilkes/Penn State Hershey - ? never heard back after 2 interviews, one @undergrad, one @hospital
  17. Pitt GAP - received secondary app - chosen for interview - accepted
  18. U. of Toledo - rejected pre-interview
  19. Muhlenburg/Drexel - received secondary app - not forwarded to drexel for evaluation
  20. Robert Morris/Drexel - interviewed @drexel - accepted
  21. Stonybrook - rejected pre-interview
  22. Ursinus/Drexel - interviewed @drexel - accepted
  23. Shepherd University/West Virginia Med - secondary app received - interviewed @WVU - accepted

Other schools: None

Decision: Robert Morris/Drexel - (full scholarship)

Just a thought - I applied to relatively unknown bs/md programs so I’d have less competition.

Reflection: I think the biggest lesson i’d pass on to other applicants is that you don’t have to get the “best” scores or highest grades to get into bs/md programs. Like a lot of my friends on here say, it’s about being well-rounded. I may not look the best on paper, but I was able to express my genuine love of medicine and teaching, caring, and motivating others while at interviews. I showed that I was interested in not only clinical medicine, but also research. I was also careful to show specific interests in different interviews. Sometimes when I was with a group of interviewees, others would make faces at me because i’d strike up a conversation while everyone waited their turn to interview, but that’s when I learned that being outgoing and social in those situations actually helps you, it makes you stand out and be heard. Also, the more the better. Yeah, everyone said I was ridiculous for applying for this many programs, but hey, I had completed nearly 15 interviews (UG and Med Schools) before march. so when I walked into the drexel and WV med interviews, I was so confident! And THAT is the key. Not over confidence, but confidence that proves that you are willing to do ANYTHING to show the admissions officers that you can be a successful student in medicine. Additionally, I’d like to add that I got most of my offers from in-state med schools! Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but they seemed to like me a lot more. The OOS state interviews were much harder. And as far as choosing a school, I didn’t chose it based on prestige only because…
I know I want to be a doctor. I will become a doctor, not matter what now. I do not care where I go for med school or residency because that’s not what’s going to get me a job - I didn’t get into these bs/md’s because of where I went to school (I live in a small rural town <20,000 pop, public school), it’s because I worked hard at standing out. And sometimes standing out at a smaller school is easier than a bigger one. I don’t mind taking the MCATs, it’s just like I didn’t mind taking the ACTs. All I care about is being able to have a full, well-rounded, free undergraduate life. At more competitive schools with higher expectations (I’m required to have a 3.5 GPA), I may feel stressed or overwhelmed (that’s just me, other smarter people may breeze by, but I know my limits). That’s why I chose a place where I can be among the best and show the world who I am. I have an internship and rotation already waiting for me from being in the bs/md program. To those who say that having a challenge is better, sure, but it’s not for me. I know who I am and what I can handle and I feel that medical school, no matter where I go, will provide me with that challenge. Meanwhile, I’ll kick back and relax with little to no requirements or competition in my undergrad years.

Feel free to message me if you have an questions 2017ers!

Do BS MD programs look at how many times you took ACT ?

Aww, thank you @texaspg for the shoutout! I’ll also try to come up with some new posts that I think will help the Bachelor/MD applicant population.

Ideas that I have currently in mind:[ol]
[]Current Bachelor/MD program listings along with their program websites so that it’s easily accesible.
]A listing of hardcopy books on Amazon that relate to how to build up an application for applying to Bachelor/MD programs
[]Aspects to look at on how to properly evaluate a program/medical school for your purposes, which would be especially helpful for those who are lucky enough to have several acceptances
]How to properly evaluate a residency match list(s) for a school - for novices, nothing way too advanced etc.[/ol]
These are just some of the ideas that I can think of off the top of my head just now, I’m sure there are more topics, which I am open to which might be helpful. Maybe those posts can then either be pinned to the top or made into one featured thread(s) so that new members can see it so it doesn’t get lost in terms of the order of the thread. I know there are some students and parents here who are starting looking at these programs from the very beginning of freshman year, although that’s not at all necessary (God Bless you guys who do though!) as well as those who just want guidance when it comes to specific areas of interest.

Luckily there’s not as much of a time crunch now, since the school year is coming to an end, so I have some time to be able to write it and polish it up.

@roentgen - There is a thread to list the programs but no one has been updating this list.


@texaspg, I know there is this from Dr. Rubin:
http://www.minimedicalschool.com/BA_MD_programs.html, that’s already posted there, and he tends to do a good job when it comes to updating (i.e. when certain Bachelor/MD programs close down or new ones are created – if people email to let him know and he updates it).

One that I look at which is very neat and organized is from Ivy Planners: http://www.ivyplanners.com/documents/BS-MD-IvyPlanners.pdf

One all-comprehensive list would be better I think so people don’t have to look at so many posts/list. For the sake of less confusion, I’ll leave out the Early Assurance programs that recruit more from college sophomores/juniors, unless people think that might be helpful also. If needed, that can be a completely separate list. I’ll see what works once I go thru what’s already there and see if there are any programs that are “missing”.

What are common interview questions for BSMD interviews?

Does anyone know where I can find information on the breakdown of the total number of ba/bs/md applicants as a group?

Which schools do not have academic pre-requisites?

My numeric weighted gpa is 95.5 (we run on 100 scale). My unweighted average is about an 89.

My SAT superscore is 2110 (750 Math, 650 Reading, 710 Writing)
My ACT is 30 (I am retaking).
I am taking SAT Math 2, Biology E/M, and Chemistry this June.

Which schools would I pass the academic requirement?

@rokun123 I’m not sure which schools do not have academic pre-reqs but unfortunately, I think that your stats may put you out of the running for many of the programs. I would aim at getting your test scores up since GPA is much harder to change.

butterfli123 , I am new to this forum. I am an 2017 applicant from CT researching BSMD programs around the east coast. I would be grateful if you can share your interview process.

can any one please post BSMD interview process from the past experience. I saw a posting from an applicant’s mom about her daughter’s experience from all the colleges where she had been interviewed. Not able to find it any more. Can you please link it to this same thread please…

Hey everyone,

I am thinking of applying to UConn’s BS/MD program. I won’t post my stats yet but I do have one question.

UConn’s program is 8 years, but is there any way I could graduate 1/2 year early (through APs) so I would have some more time between college and med school?

Here is an old thread about interviews: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/multiple-degree-programs/1724486-bs-md-interviews-past-experiences-and-advice.html

@Roentgen @GoldenRock @texaspg or anyone who is still here from past years - do bsmd programs ask for 1st semester senior grades or quarter grades? If yes - which ones?

@What???!!, I don’t know about others, but I know UMKC does not ask for a mid-year high school transcript.

@what???!! You need to send mid-year report. If student applying for BS in EA/ED or some programs like UMKC don’t need. Otherwise, you are expected to send and if I remember few schools like BU, definitely expects.

Though, my D school semester itself ends only late Jan and report came by 1st week of Feb, we uploaded via common app and sent to various school.

Hey guys I’m new to the BS/MD process. I’ve heard that applying to a special program like the BS/MD programs in an university makes them less willing to give out financial aid. Is this true or do the universities treat you like normal undergrads?

@fadeinnout There are few posts on this very same topic. See my previous responses either this thread or in 2016 thread. Whether a student applies only to UG or UG/MD program has no bearing on your financial/merit aid decisions.