Official Ti-89 Calculator Forum

<p>This is for all of us who have the Ti-89 or Ti-89 Titanium Calculator and want to share interesting tips in order to take advantage of the features on standardized tests. PLEASE POST UP ANY INTERESTING FUNCTIONS THAT YOU FIND VERY HELPFUL! Thank you all for sharing your tips!</p>

<p>Tetris is useful</p>

<p>Yea, tetris is good. phoenix and drmario are pretty good also.</p>

<p>The solve and zeros functions are the best for Math IIC</p>

<p>i like dayofwk(</p>

<p>i have an 89 titanium.. it can do a lot of stuff but you have to memorize the book....</p>

<p>i have a gameboy xp....for math problems i just ask super mario and he tells me the answers.</p>

<p>I have 89 regular. mario is bad. Platnium is good. Some functions taht I use on SAT i and SATii 's are: sequence, combinations, sum, permutations, etc functions. They come in very handy.</p>

<p>i am considering buying my own calculator. until now i used 83 provided by school. but i think i need my own calculator after high school then why not buying it now. so i can learn all the good stuffs and be familiar.
then i think about 83 and told myself "why not spending a bit more and get a better one.. it might last longer .. maybe until graduate school.. lol-0-"</p>

<p>well anyway. a question.. should i buy 89 now?? (what about 92 or whatever?) what most college students use?? do graduates use something more advanced???
last.. how better is 89 compared to 83 for AP Calc AB, BC, and Statistics?????
also comparison between 89 regular and 89 platnium... </p>

<p>wow a lot of questions. thanks in advance!!</p>

<p>the 89 is allowed for us on the:</p>

SAT Math Ic/IIc
AP Phsyics, Calculus</p>

<p>i think it is the most powerful calculator allowed on those tests. in depends on the professor. most of them will not allow a 92...and some won't allow an 89. or even an 83 or any graphin calculator. but i wouldn't go with a 92 just yet...</p>

<p>in terms of 89-titanium...i just got mine and it was the only 89 we could find, nor could we find any price comparisons between the two. i love it. it will be more expensive than an 83 (130something - 160something range depending on where you get it from)</p>

<p>does anyone know any tricks to do with the ti 89 calc that will make the math sec of the ACT easier????
please im soo scared first time ACT taker!

<p>Uh, ACT doesnt allow 89s. The highest they allow is the TI-86.</p>

<p>Anyways, i have the 83+ silver, regular 89, and the 89 titanium.</p>

<p>in terms of raw computing power/speed: 83SE > 89 > 89T. </p>

<p>graphics: 89 = 89T > 83se</p>

<p>memory for apps and stuff: 89T > 83SE > 89. </p>

<p>apps quality: apps for 89 and 89 titanium are both damn good for a variety of classes. Didn't get any apps for 83se. HOWEVER, I exclusively used my 83 Silver for my AP Stats class, and it was good.</p>

<p>In conclusion: dont spend the extra 30 bucks on the 89 titanium or 83 silver or 84 silver or whatever. the regular TI-89 is by far the best calculator for its value.</p>

<p>83E>89 on memory? Wow. I didn't know that.
I don't really like the 89T as far as looks and button layout(better word?)</p>

<p>i agree with you ecnerwalc about the new layout....</p>

<p>the ti-89 is the most powerful and best calculator out there, and it can be used in everything BUT the ACT. </p>

<p>the solve, zero, factor, expand, and other functions are really useful.</p>

<p>thats hella stupid cuz you can soup up a TI-86 to basically match TI-89 (3d graphs.,.... trig simplification etc...>)!</p>