Official Transcripts

<p>When are you suppose to send those? Today was my last day of High School since our school runs on a track schedule. Any Idea?</p>

<p>S'pose to be any time before July 15.</p>

<p>Ok so I send my official transcripts a couple of weeks ago and at my portal it doesn't say "completed". Anybody know how to contact them and ask them if they received the transcripts?</p>

It takes a while for your transcripts to updated and process in your portal. I remember when I had to send mine to some universities that requested it, it took over a month for it to finally show up in my portal as complete.</p>

<p>we dont have to send high school transcripts if we are transfers do we?</p>

<p>Dchaves, yes you do, because they want to clear US History so you don't have to take it at SC.</p>

<p>@dchaves07: I asked a UCSC counselor about HS transcripts for transfers and she said that it's not required but she highly recommended doing so because of UCSC's American Institutions requirement for graduation. Some of your HS government/history courses will fulfill that OR if you took certain history courses in cc, that will fulfill it as well.</p>

<p>I called and asked last week since I don't have any HS transcripts, and it sounds like they don't care as long as you've taken either US history or PoliSci at your CC.</p>

<p>anybody got the number so that i could call? im not a transfer though.</p>