****official uic honors & gppa class of 2022****

As title suggests this is to discuss UIC HONORS & GPPA CLASS OF 2022. My DS has honors interview few weeks back and got acceptance in honors college. At this point waiting for GPPA interview.

Hi @PPofEngrDr I had my Honors interview the second week of January, and received an interview invite yesterday

@priyaluvsbooks good luck with interview. My DS had honors interview on 1/20 and honors decision came on 1/26. Curious about your honors interview and decision dates. Keeping my fingers crossed…

@priyaluvsbooks how was your interview? any tips? Also can you share GPPA program you had applied for?

I applied for GPPA Medicine, for which I have my interview is this monday.

UIC GPPA update - Interviews are being sent until end of February. ~120 will be interviewed. It will be safe to assume you are not getting interview if you don’t hear by end of February, those applicants will be notified mid-March.

@PPofEngrDr they told me that exactly 115 applicants are to be interviewed, and they have 1 more wave of interview invites to send out (next Friday)

Has anyone been accepted to GPPA medicine yet?

GPPA medicine acceptances come out on April 1rst. I just had my gppa interview on Monday however. Just a month a week to go!

Who was your interviewer? how was it?

@cd321321321 my interview went well. My interviewer was a bit intimidating at first but I think it all worked out. Have u had an interview yet?

@priyaluvsbooks how do you know that there are 115 applicants to be interviewed and that the invitations come out on Friday? Where did you get this information?

I got my interview offer yesterday, there was no notification on email. A link to schedule a time just popped up on my application portal around six last night.

where on the application portal?

@dgibarra When did you get admitted to the Honors college?

I did not get admitted, I got an interview offer. I logged into my portal to accept my Presidential Awards Program Scholarship, then I saw that it had a link to schedule my honors college interview. When I clicked the link I selected the date and time I would like to interview and shortly received a confirmation on my email. There was no indication that there was an update on my portal.

Ohh so this was your Honors College Intervie, NOT the GPPA program?

Have the GPPA Med interview notifications come out yet?

@Manu007 please read #5.

So emails will be sent until the end of Feb