Official Virginia Tech Class of 2016 Early Decision Thread

<p>3.67 w</p>

<p>math 630
cr 580</p>

<p>I applied to Pamplin. I wasn't expecting anything positive. I'm just glad I didn't get denied.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.05 weighted
SAT: 1340 (720 math 620 reading)</p>

<p>Deferred for engineering as well. Hopefully I'll get in RD, I just sent them an e-mail and I'm interested to hear back.</p>

<p>I'm in! Liberal Arts, undergrad in English!!!! :) So excited.</p>

<p>Keewartson accepted, engineering!
SAT Math 680
SAT CR 610
GPA 4.17
ACT Math 33, composite 28
Part time jobs, varsity sports, legacy (dad)</p>

<p>Congrats! I still can't log in unfortunately..... and they wont send me an email thing for my guest account.. so i'm blown. i'll go ahead and shoot them a call.</p>

<p>Looks like admissions in engineering has been tough this year-lots of deferrals. I would imagine that most will get in RD as the math scores and GPA's for those of you that were deferred look good. Just keep up your grades(and improve where you can) and let them know of any new accomplishments since you applied ED. Just be sure to follow the instructions for contact and updating that they may have given you and don't bug them TOO much. They are probably just waiting to compare you guys to those that applied RD before a final decision is made. I hope for the best for those of you who were deferred and congratulations to those accepted. Virginia Tech is a great school!</p>

<p>congrats all</p>

<p>Incorrectly stated GPA in #24. Son had 4.22 gpa. </p>

<p>With those reported on par or better test scores than Keewartson, it looks like GPA plays a major factor in the engineering early decisions.</p>

<p>IM IN!! history major, corp of cadets, AROTC</p>

<p>Accepted into the College of Sciences; I plan on studying Physics! GPA 4.3, SAT 2200. I had lots of extracurricular activities including Botball, Science Olympiad, and NHS. I'm SO unbelievably excited to finally be a Hokie! Congrats to all my fellow (future) students!</p>

<p>vatech12 - I'm really surprised you got deferred. I was accepted last year ED to engineering, and I had near-identical stats: 4.0 GPA (weighted), 760 Math, 670 CR. Sounds like the competition is stiff, I'm afraid; hope you have better luck in RD.</p>

<p>vatech12 - are you in state or OOS? Thanks.</p>

<p>Vatech12, none shall pass over my troll bridge without solving a riddle; I am in a river, but not in a lake, I am in computer, but not in a T.V, and I am in rain, but not in snow, what am I? If you solve that one then you can figure out why you got deferred because I cant, more information may help. (ps. you cant Google it, that's CHEATING!)</p>

<p>benp18p18....I think you are the letter "R"</p>

<p>as far as Vatech12, I think the lesson here is that there's more to an application than an SAT score and a GPA and that is the only piece of the picture we are given, so it's impossible to come to a reasonable conclusion. We know nothing about his HS, courses, background, ECs, and what he said or didn't say in his application...</p>

<p>My son was accepted early decision for meteorology. Are there any other meteorology majors out there?</p>

<p>S applied RD for engineering and now you're all making me nervous with the deferrals! He just got into NC State, so hopefully he'll also get a yes here.</p>

<p>I know it's tough to be deferred - s was deferred at one school so far. Keep in mind, it wasn't a rejection, it just sounds like a competitive year for engineering.</p>

<p>ACCEPTED to University Studies
GPA: 3.9
SAT: 1730</p>


<p>Can't wait to meet all of you in 8 months!</p>

<p>@jennm263 What were you son's stats? I've been thinking about applying to meteorology.. I only have 5 days to decide :(</p>

<p>How are we going to be notified of our decision? How will the status page change?</p>