Official Virginia Tech Class of 2016 Early Decision Thread

<p>Official Virginia Tech Class of 2016 Early Decision Thread</p>

<p>Post your status here, anyone hear back yet?</p>

<p>Not exactly "Early Decision," but on-site review. Tech visits local high schools and allow students to apply early, non-binding. So I've know since November... Buttt...</p>

<p>ACCEPTED :)</p>

<p>It's my big time reach. I did all three personal statements and I am a first generation student. The guy i talked to at the college fair said they take that into consideration. Man i've always wanted to go to tech, but i dont think i'll be smart enough for it. 3.6 550,560,590 ( CR, M, W). THis and Mason are my top choices. But right now I'm nervous about not getting into either. I volunteer at the hospital, and I wrote about an experience in one of the statements. Maybe that'll help. :(( 10th is nice and early! lucky you. :(( wish me luck!!</p>

<p>My DS got in ED Engineering. Deposit paid!</p>

<p>Congratulations-I remember this time last year when my son said "hurry let's click the deposit tab before they change their mind!"</p>

<p>Deferred - Engineering
Math - 760
CR - 650</p>

<p>GPA: 3.951</p>

<p>Overwhelmed right now</p>

<p>We are in! Physics major, Corps of Cadets, NROTC
Maryland resident, ACT CR 25 Math 26
Posted on VT website before any emails arrived</p>

<p>Congratulations to those accepted!
Vatech12, So sorry you were deferred for engineering. Same thing happened to my son for the class that started in 09. He had 1360 SAT (710 M, 650 CR) but 3.55 GPA, AP Scholar with Distinction,excellent EC's. He emailed admissions and they did tell him why he was deferred (as expected, it was the GPA). He told them he would like to be considered for University Studies if he was not admitted to engineering in RD. He was waitlisted in RD but got off the waitlist. He is now a junior in engineering, is an undergrad TA and is now one of the top in his class in engineering.I am very surprised you were deferred but there is hope! Email them, follow up with any new accomplishments.Good luck!</p>


<p>Who should I e-mail?</p>

<p>Vatech12, are you from NoVa by any chance?</p>

<p>No, RVA.</p>

<p>Extremely hard course load throughout high school, engineering classes, rec from engineering teacher...</p>

<p>I guess I play the waiting game.</p>

<p>EDIT: E-mailed Tech. Does anyone have a guess as to when they might notify me regular decision?</p>

<p>vatech12,If I remember correctly, he followed the general instructions on the admissions page and just emailed admissions. An assistant dean emailed him back and was very forthcoming as to why he had been deferred(he was top 16% of his class but there were many kids ranked above him in his school that also applied and were accepted). If there are specific instructions in what you got from admissions, make sure you follow whatever instructions they give you for following up re: your decision. Hope you have better news in the spring ! Good luck with your other applications!</p>

<p>Accepted for architecture! Definitely didn't expect that.</p>

<p>Accepted, general studies. 3.8 gpa 1480 SAT. VaTech12, i'm sorry man, best of luck later.</p>

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<p>Daughter was accepted in the Business school. GPA 3.8, SAT 1250. We are very happy for her.</p>

<p>Deferred. Hopefully my first semester grades will impress the admissions board.</p>

<p>what was your SAT and GPA brobonic? where did you apply into?</p>

<p>Accepted!! Landscape Architecture.</p>

<p>Differed Engineering. Really bummed right now. dont think i can wait til April 1st!
4.01 GPA
CR- 560
28 composite.</p>