Officially Retired

<p>In 60 mins I will have completed my final class at Brown. I’ll be logging out at that time and not returning to CC. I hope I’ve been helpful and that people using the search function will continue to find things I’ve said useful.</p>

<p>I came on to this webpage and began posting primarily the summer after getting into Brown, and I decided to stick around because there were few current students answering questions with accurate information and personal experience to draw from. Now that I will no longer be a current student, it’s time for others to pick up the mantle. Maybe I’ll return some years down the line when I have more of a “working world” perspective that’s fresh and valuable, but at this point I think it’s time for other current students to fill up the space my voice once occupied.</p>

<p>Farewell, CC. Hope everyone is happy with their final commitment decisions this year.</p>


<p>We will miss you. A lot. But good luck in all your endeavors.</p>

<p>modestmelody, I am a long-time lurker on this forum (my daughter will be a Brown freshman next year) who has found great value in your posts. You will be missed by more people here than you realize. Thanks and best wishes for your future.</p>

<p>Hey, best of luck to you in the future! Whenever I see your postings, I know I'm reading an 'experts' opinions and have found them to be very useful. You will be missed on CC!</p>

<p>Thanks so much for your wonderful posts. You have given so freely of your experiences. I will definitely miss you on CC. Maybe you can check in from time to time? Good luck to you! What will you be doing next?</p>


<p>Quite honestly, if there was anyone on the Brown forum that I bothered to believe initially, it was you! You were always right on the money and at best a savior for Brown. You fought accusations against Brown with an uncanny grit, love and passion. I simply loved that! If Brown is full of people like you, I am quite certain that I have made the right choice!</p>

<p>Best of luck in all your future endeavors!</p>

<p>Hey, this is a true loss to future applicants! You were a great help when I was an applicant. Your informative comments have shed light on numerous things that I was curious about Brown. I really want to thank you!
What a pity that I would not be able to meet you on-campus.</p>

<p>I have no doubt that numerous young people who belong at Brown have chosen to go there at least in part because of modest's posts. Seeing as Brown is the greatest place on Earth, he's made many people much happier than they otherwise would have been.</p>

<p>So long, and have fun!</p>

<p>Best wishes, and congrats on having completed your last class here! It's been a pleasure reading everything you've had to say!</p>

<p>Good luck and thanks for your contributions!</p>

<p>Congratulations! Everyone above me pretty much summed it all up in more ways than I can reiterate--you will be missed! But I agree with burry for sure: do check in from time to time, please!</p>

<p>Thanks modestmelody for the unwavering support of Brown and great insights! We will miss you, and best wishes for your very bright future :)</p>

<p>Your posts were by far most informative and reliable. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to dispell endless misconceptions, and fending off the occasional troll :). I honestly don't expect you to fail in any significant way in the future but all the same, BEST OF LUCK!</p>

<p>Just want to add my voice to the many people who really appreciated what you had to say in your posts. I learned alot about Brown from you. There's nothing quite like hearing from someone who knows what the hell he's talking about, and you are that person when it comes to Brown. Thanks again, and best wishes.</p>

<p>I don't spend much time on the Brown subforum, but I've often seen your posts elsewhere and I usually find your perspectives refreshing. Good luck in whatever you do.</p>

<p>ugh there have been tons of threads about this already.
use the search function next time.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! I will miss you modestmelody!</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. I'll probably still be lurking occasionally, but won't be posting. Feel free to contact me via AIM listed under my name here.</p>

<p>Bah, I say graduating is no reason to stop! I've set a goal of "having better things to do" by a decade after graduation. Until then, however, viva la CC time-wasting!</p>

<p>-ilovebagels, class of 2008</p>

<p>Wanted to add my thanks as well. As a parent of a kid who applied last year to Brown (+ RISD Dual Degree program) and was waitlisted and later denied at Brown, and another kid who this year was accepted to Brown but is going elsewhere (go figure!), I've followed the Brown forum quite a bit. You've always had well thought-out, informative posts and I appreciate the time you've taken over the years to help others. </p>

<p>Best of luck in your future endeavors. I hope you will not restrain yourself from adding your two cents in the future if you see a misguided post or two that begs for your perspective!</p>