Offiical SATII Thread: How did you guys find it?

<p>Hi! I am back from my SATII Maths IIC, Physics and Writing. Some of ya havent started the test yet... because of the time difference between Hong Kong and the rest of the world... so wont post any test info, until everybodys done....</p>

<p>Im doomed to hell !!! My writing and bio scores are gonna be unimaginable !!!</p>

<p>All three tests I took (Writing, IIC, Physics) were pretty damn hard. Ran out of time on the essay and on the last 5 problems on math. And with physics I had no clue on most of the problems, but hopefully the awesomely generous curve will save me (is t still? I heard you could miss 12 and still get 800, which is why I chose it). Well that's what you get for cramming for all three subjects 2 days before, I guess I shouldn't have done that.</p>

<p>US History was pretty scary.......I already know I got 2 wrong, but probably a lot more. I was basically guessing on a lot of the questions. :(</p>

<p>Physics was OK, although I did skip one because I didn't know where to begin.</p>

<p>I only gave physics this was much harder than i expected.Im counting on the curve to keep me in with a chance for a good score.....</p>

<p>I gave Math IIC and Chemistry...and both were pretty easy!</p>

<p>i dint like the essay topic at all......... :(</p>

<p>the papers were very lengthy....i gave math1 c, 2c and writing.... maths 1 c was a disaster</p>

<p>ritz... which test center???</p>

<p>****. i better study for the essay topic. takin it in a few hours.</p>

<p>I really screwed up math requires so much working and there's so little time!!! I skipped 4 questions....and I'm relaly worried I may fall into the 600 range...ARGH!</p>

<p>yup.. hold up till the rest of the world catches up with the east.... nd then post</p>

<p>Did Maths2c and Chinese. I skipped about 7-8qns for Maths, BUT I'm really confident on the qns which I've done. Hopefully I can secure at least 780, or else I'm retaking! Chinese was good though but they have a strict curve I presume?</p>

<p>My invigilator was incompetant anyway. He spoke in broken English and started & stopped papers without warning. Left me confused and disorientated at times. Argh...</p>

<p>lildude_ravi , i was in modern school bara. road
Did anyone take one c, I know this sounds weird but i found i c togher as compared to 2 c (i gave both) esp keeping in mind the scoring curve</p>

<p>WTF, I failed the tests and now my gf's just dumbed me !!! Haha, I don't know whether I should laugh or cry !!!</p>

<p>if she dumbed you then there is a possibility that she'll dump u quite sooner.. if by any chance u convince her that ur not dumb, then she is probably dumb.. in either case, ur gonna get that horrible score report from collegeboard.. saldy i'm looking forward to it too.. argh!</p>

<p>Ritz : Yeah,my friend took Math IC and IIC today as well...she found IC tougher!</p>

<p>I took Math IIC, physics and chem 2day, not expecting any 800s! lol math II C went ok I thought (left 7 blank but like wamdue I was really confident on the ones I did answer), physics I didn't have a clue on most of them and left 22 blank!! Haha chemistry wasn't much better....I'm getting ready to kiss goodbye to most of the schools on my list! :( What's the curve like 4 chemistry, and how long will it be until everybody has finished taking 2days tests?</p>

<p>ARGHH!! Math1C .. i skipped like 5 questions.. does anyone know the highest score i can get now? the questions tooklong to do.. I SHOULD'VE STAYED FOR IIC !!! :( i didn't stay because i thought it might be harder... dammit... no luck for me...</p>

<p>I only took the Japanese SATII. It was basically what I expected: hard as ****. I guessed on like 1/3 of the listening questions, and good god there was a lot of kanji in the reading sections, and I just hate how they add in all this stuff to confuse you so you can't pick it out. Luckilly you can get a 47/80 and get a 750, so I'm hoping for a 650+, but I dunno.</p>