oh crap

<p>so i just got a letter saying that i had a distressing decline in grades second semester my senior year. Needless to say, im on shaky ground. Admissions will have to get together and decide whether i have the determination to make it at tufts. </p>

<p>So heres the scenario
yes, my ap chem grade dropped from a C+ to a D-. ouch. But, in all of my other classes I improved or stayed the same. I also already know that i scored a 5 on the AP Psych exam. My gym grade dropped from an A to A- because of a screw up that i didnt bother fixing. I dont think that matters.</p>

<p>my explanation includes...
- bombarded with work the week before Ap testing ( no one in the class finished the work)
- hardest class in my HS, 5 people dropped out and about 5 ended up failing (i stuck it out)
- concentrated in other classes to bring up my grade
- worried about ap test, so didnt concentrate on work done in class
- was captaining team to state finals
- won academic award at end of year anyways
- maintained the same gpa regardless</p>

<p>what else should i say? im so nervous....ahhhhhhh! what usually happens to people in this situation?? i already sent tuition money and everything...</p>

<p>You should get your guidance counselor (sure, you've graduated, but they'll still help out) to write a letter on your behalf as well. Write a succient, un-editorialized version of what you've written here, and keep it organized. State that you had a lot of work and other committments. Point out the upward trend in your other grades. Finally, ask your guidance counselor if she/he could possibly get the average grade of the kids in the AP course. If Tufts sees that half of those kids (who remained) got really crummy grades, and a bunch dropped out, they'll be more forgiving.</p>

<p>Oh - PS - how did you do on the chem AP? If that's a good score, send it along - show that you know your stuff. If not, could you make arrangements to take a summer course or something?</p>

<p>Whatever you do, be very, very proactive.</p>