Oh dear, do I have a chance?

<p>What are my chances for Ann Arbor if my GPA and class rank are on the lower end, but my SAT scores and ECs are really good?</p>

<p>Korean female, very competitive public MA hs</p>

<p>GPA ~3.8 UW
Class rank ~40/390, could be lower or higher
Course load: most challenging available
AP: Bio, US, Eng Language, Calc, Psych, Econ, Eng Lit, Latin Lit
SAT: 690 math 710 verbal as sophomore, I took the Nov 6 SAT so waiting for scores, hopefully 1500+
SAT 2: Taking after I finish my APs, probably Bio, IIC and Latin</p>

<p>EC: VERY heavy focus on debate, which is my absolute love and passion, plus I have a record that'll be very unique and impressive-- there's A LOT under this category, like 2 pages of resume's worth
A lot of politics, like DNC volunteer, volunteer for Kerry campaign, Dean campaign, US House and State senate campaigns, State senate intern, hopefully DC page, organized voter registration drive for Asian American voters
Asian Club, president
Amnesty International, president
Viola, districts and soloist and allstate whatnot, musical pit orchestra, summer orchestra, local youth orchestra, principal violist, chamber groups
Piano, 13 years, sending in tape with viola, violin, and piano pieces
Violin, various orchestras
Young Democrats, school branch and state branch
I help autistic kids learn Korean on occasional Saturdays
The Other Side (satire magazine) Editor in Chief
English language editor, New England Korean Journal
various church stuff, participated in fasting program for world awareness
published author, various essays and poems</p>

<p>NHS, National Latin Honor Society, National Forensics League, National Merit Semifinalist at least I think, National Latin Exam gold and silver medals, Congressional Award Silver Medal (working towards gold)</p>

<p>Prospective IR/Poli Sci major... please help!</p>

<p>Don't trip. You are fine, you should get in no sweat. You have nothing to worry about.</p>

<p>ee-rum-mo-sae-yo? hehe
("what's your name?" in korean :P)</p>

<p>i say you have a pretty good chance. you'll have to apply now though.</p>

<p>E-rum-un Sujin ee yah!</p>

<p>Haha I'm sort of worried about my GPA and class rank... does anyone have any suggestions as to my applications and maybe ECs?</p>

<p>I look at the ECs I am just like wow!</p>

<p>I just got like approx 5 things.....
maybe I should just forget applying to US......</p>

<p>my class rank was 30/261, gpa was 3.65, and my act score was a 28. i got in, but im an instater so...iono. u have a pretty good chance imo.</p>