Oh **** I Forgot!!!!!!

<p>i applied Stanford EA, but i forgot to send the EA form (the one with the signatures)</p>

<p>What should i do?? can I fax it??</p>

<p>I would probably call them and ask them what they want you to do. I hope everything works out.</p>

<p>ok i just checked their website, we can fax it, so i'll fax it now. thanx</p>

<p>I'd also call and tell them that the form was faxed.</p>

<p>btw the teacher recos, school report and the financial aid forms were all 1st Nov Postmark right??</p>

<p>I sent in the fax, but i didnt call, too damn expensive (I'm international)</p>

<p>thanx ppl</p>

<p>they'll ask you for it in mid to late november!! they'll call u up, don't sweat it</p>

<p>Yeah, everything except fine arts is postmark Nov 1st.</p>

<p>phew, just checked online they got my stuff 5th Nov (DHL online tracking :D)</p>

<p>thanx everyone</p>