oh man.... am i screwed?

<p>ok, heres the deal
im an international student so my counselor is pretty much ignorant about applying to us colleges. so she gave me the school report/transcript for me to mail it to yale. I thoguht, "as long as i dont put my address on it, the school should think that she mailed it", and gave it to mum to mail it.</p>

<p>BUT my mum then goes to the post offices and uses express service to mail it, and puts the school report/transcript (which is SEALED in the envelope whcih the counselor gave me) in another envelope specially designed for express, and puts our address/name on it. </p>

<p>Are they going to care that i sent the school report? I mean the envelope which contains it is sealed... but i wanna make sure</p>

<p>eh I put my home address too :) International here, my school would have ended by the time my envelope bounces back, if it decides to, which of course I hope not :) Just make sure you do have a school seal on it, so it'd be fine.</p>

<p>Hmph, my high school (Raffles Junior College, Singapore) is perhaps TOO aware about US college applications due to the extremely high percentage of students applying to the US, so much so that my school now insists on using its OWN Final School Report and Teacher Evaluation forms INSTEAD of the ones provided by common app/colleges (to save trouble for our teachers)! For colleges that get plenty of applications from us, such as Cornell and U Mich (close to 200 each!), that wouldn't be a problem, but I'm applying to a few colleges like Bard, Lawrence and Sarah Lawrence, which may not have had applicants from my school before so I really hope they're ok with it!</p>

<p>Heh that's RJ for you snicker. Actually I think my school's doing pretty much the same. It doesn't matter as long as the format is more or less similar.</p>

<p>Hey mugen are you from Singapore too? What school are you from?</p>