Oh my God I got a letter today...

<p>...And there it was, lying on my floor so unassumingly, horribly thin, and I must be insane because even though I knew they couldn't have sent me something yet, I thought, "Oh, no, God, they COULDN'T have rejected me ALREADY!"</p>

<p>And then it was of course the "We received your application..." and I started laughing. It's just so fun to receive things from Harvard, just seeing their neatness and simplicity, its crisp, streamlined fluidity.</p>

<p>I'm just paranoid...</p>

<p>So, what does a REAL rejection say? A real deferral/acceptance?</p>

<p>While on the topic of the appearance of letters...</p>

<p>I've noticed that both Harvard and Columbia uses a yellow-ish paper, rather than plain white paper, for their official communications. Is there a specific reason for this? Does any other school use the same paper?</p>

<p>Oh, and I have to make sure--did every RD applicant send the Supplement to the School Report, too? That's important.</p>

<p>The paper is just official. If you hold it up to the light, you should see the H seal. :)</p>

<p>Whoa, are schools mailing out receipt letters already? I'm getting nervous...</p>

<p>H sends receipt letters as soon as they get all of ur application. For EA, I got mine well before the deadline cos I had sent it so early.</p>

<p>Ravenna, when did u submit ur harvard app? jus curious how fast it took...</p>

<p>Sent mine Dec. 26. Am from VA, if school-mailed transcripts have anything to do with it.</p>

<p>Did everybody send the Supplement to the School Report?????</p>

<p><em>Goes to check that paper</em> :)</p>

<p>ditto, Ravenna! I got the receipt on Friday (I think) and I flippppped out. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL APRIL DA/\/\NIT!!!!</p>

<p>oh, that's a... mild heart attack.</p>

<p>About the supplement? I have forgotten, but online my app details complete. Does that mean I did send the whichever supplement in additional to the whichever form in the midst of my "meh" application?</p>

<p>Did you send your app by mail, then? The part I'm talking about is supposed to be done by the counselor, in addition to the Common App School Report. It is supposedly required--my counselor phoned and asked. I actually found out about this supplement on this website, and much as I'd like some kids not to have heard about it, and thus have incompelte apps--less competition--I can't consciously do that, and I'm trying to return the favor.</p>

<p>My counselor's waiting for first semester to end so she can send the midyear with the school report. Grrrrr. Cheap bureaucrats.</p>

<p>what do you mean a supplement to the school report...its only the common app with the harvard supplement. is that what you mean? or are you talking about comething to do with harvard's own application (apart from the common app.) sorry im having sort of a heart attack here.</p>

<p>Harvard has two different supplements and a substitution. The first is the student's part of the supplement to the common app, of which most people are aware. The second is the Harvard supplement to the secondary school report. This supplement asks school counselors tell more about their schools than what the common app secondary school report asks. The third is a substitution, Harvard uses its own midyear school report rather than the common app midyear school report.</p>

<p>The counselor supplement is required?! How come I never heard about it? I'm also going to have a heart attack!</p>

<p>The School Report Part II, as it is called, doesn't really ask for that much information, really. On the front the only space to fill out is regarding disciplinary action. On the back are a series of rankings on a variety of the candidate's personal qualities. The notes to counselors on the form does not state that the form is optional, but it is very accomodating and understanding in tone, which presumbly means a counselor can refuse to fill out this form if he/she wished. However, the form also says that sometimes inadequate information may diminish the chances offered to a candidate.</p>