Oh no... Important transcript question

<p>I have submitted the common app to a few institutions. My counselor completed her form as well. My question is, was I supposed to MAIL a transcript as well? I know my counselor was asked for the transcript in her section she filled out, so she scanned it in and made sure it was legible before submitting. Is this sufficient, or was I supposed to mail out my transcript to the schools as well? I'm really scared now that my application will appear as incomplete for all these schools, and now that we are off for break until Jan. 3, I will miss the deadlines. Please either reassure me or let me know I really screwed up!</p>

<p>Your counselor's sending the transcript should be sufficient. Does your school use Naviance to upload transcripts, teacher recs, and whatnot? If so, then your counselor's taken care of it, and you're fine. And if you don't know what I'm talking about . . . then never mind. </p>

<p>Normally students do not mail their own transcripts . . . unless maybe they're home-schooled, but yup, usually not.</p>

<p>I know for a fact that my counselor uploaded a digital pdf of my high school transcript, but didn't mail a hard copy to any of my schools. I'm a little uneasy because a lot of the schools list "Official high school transcript" as an application requirement separate from the Common App. Ughhh</p>

<p>Some schools accept an electronic version of the transcript. Unless the college explicitly states that it requires a paper copy, then the electronic version is sufficient.</p>

<p>You're not the first student the school has sent forms for. I think this definitely is not anything for you to worry about.</p>

<p>The required official transcripts are those sent by the high school, often through the counselor like yours was, either by mail or electronically. A transcript that actually touches your hands, and then is mailed by you as you are contemplating, is little more than scrap paper to be tossed in the garbage when it arrives because it is not an official transcript.</p>

<p>Are all of your schools "common app" schools? If not, then you'll need to make sure that she also sent to the non-common app schools.</p>

<p>@t26e4- Actually, in all honesty, I am. My school has graduating classes around 15 every year. We have never in the history of the school sent a student to a top 50 school. (Best is UMD). I don't trust my counselor to do anything and have to hold their hand through everything. I know a paper transcript was not mailed, but an electronic one was scanned (it was a huge issue so I heard all about it).
@mom- I'm referring only to common app schools. The other schools with their own apps had paper transcripts mailed, so common app schools are the only ones that potentially pose a problem.</p>

<p>My counselor just included in the report she was supposed to send online so I did not mail any paper transcript out for my Common App schools</p>

<p>So, yzhong, do you know if that was the correct thing to do? I did the same thing.</p>