Oh no! please help

Today I found that I have a B (freaking 85) in Journalism. Journalism of all classes! My teacher believes that C is average and that we did an “above average” job this time. What am I to do? I am applying for the presidential scholarship to a university that is due at the end of this month and this B could hurt my chances. Should I expain what happened? ANy suggestions is welcomed.

<p>How can you explain it? You have an 85, which is a B. Don't see how you can argue that it's an A, unless it were a little closer to an A.</p>

<p>Well, the average isn't really my fault. We have two editors and a layout editor. I know nothing about layouts. However, we have one deadline. The first paper was six days late because the layout editor is a procrastinator. Plus, he hasn't done this before and we ran into some problems. The other editor and I smashed the deadline to pieces. I tell you, it wasn't my fault. So should I explain all this on a seperate sheet of paper when I send my grades or what?</p>