OH NO! SAT II scores

<p>this is bad</p>

<p>wharton require 2 SAT II's</p>

<p>i have these:</p>

<p>800 Math II (retake). 1st Time got a 750
770 Math I
740 Bio (retake). 1st Time got a 700
730 US history</p>

<p>Will they count Math II and Math I as two scores??</p>

<p>If not , i'm screwed!!!</p>

<p>800 and 740....ewww</p>

<p>should i retake 740 bio!?</p>

<p>dont think its wise to retake a subject test a third time</p>

<p>dont know where i came up with that, its just what i think</p>



<p>I would retake the Bio, but seeing how you already took it twice, don't take it again,</p>

<p>you really shouldn't take the same SATII subject more than twice...</p>

<p>oops, got there late</p>

<p>uhhhh... if u dont get into wharton, i can guarantee you it wouldnt have been ur SAT2 scores.</p>

<p>Jeez, you aren't screwed....</p>

<p>There is really not that much of a difference between a 740 & an 800. I heard that even top colleges truly give scores 770 & above equal consideration.</p>

<p>But I'd say, if you think you can make your SAT II average a little higher, maybe take another SAT II instead (e.g.: Chem, Physics, World History), instead of Bio. </p>

<p>I hope this helps.</p>

<p>Good luck with Wharton.</p>

<p>thank u thank u</p>