Oh no! (SAT Scores)

<p>I applied to Columbia and I SWEAR I sent in my SAT scores. But I just realized that the application tracker was online by now, and I checked it--no SAT scores of mine were reported. I'm trying to track down receipts from College Board, but I think I deleted them...</p>

<p>Columbia does not do the score rushing and they have not contacted me about my missing scores. I will send them soon.</p>

<p>So did I waste $80 on an application that was incomplete? Will I be ok, since I did report my scores on the Common App, and they can confirm it after they receive the official thing?</p>

<p>What a dreadful week it has been...</p>

<p>Ugh. I realize that I just plain forgot. :/ This is largely my fault.</p>

<p>But I'm a little peeved because I just checked an email from Columbia and they said the application tracker would be online starting Feb. 15....</p>

<p>There is plenty of time. Just go on the Colllege Board site and order them sent to Columbia. You self-reported the scores on the Common app. If you want to sleep better, send them an e-mail and inform them that they ahve been ordered.</p>

<p>Do not pay the fee to have the scores expedited - that is a waste of money.</p>


<p>I got some more comfort (kind of) after perusing Columbia Undergrad's Facebook page. They said they wanted scores by the end of January but also told someone that they would not be penalized for being a bit late if they submitted their scores right away.</p>

<p>Well, thanks for dealing with my panic attack. This shall be one of my college application horror stories. :P</p>