Oh no, Steinmart is closing most of its stores!

I’m so bummed! There is a nice higher end strip mall literally right next to my neighbor. A 10 minute walk. It’s the anchor store and is very nice. I’m always popping over there to take a look, or it’s my go-to last minute gift buying store. What a shame. Another Covid loss. Within a mile radius we have seen closed down Pier 1, our Walgreens , JC Penney in a strip mall, numerous restaurants…private and public owned, Tuesday Morning, lots of dark lights.

I saw this this morning.

Some years ago I bought a few clothing items there. But the one thing I relied on SteinMart for was a once a year stop to stock up on reading glasses! Seriously, they always had the best selection for fun, fashionable glasses at a reasonable price!

Maybe I’ll need to go stock up. :frowning:

Oh, that’s too bad. There’s one very near my parents in Austin that I like a lot. I could find just about whatever I needed there.

I’m so sorry to hear this. Our local store closed over a year ago. I don’t buy a lot of clothes but, when I do, SteinMart is my go-to. The nearest store now is ten miles away. If it goes, I guess all my shopping will be online. ?

ETA: It’s one of my mom’s favorite stores, and I’d often go with her just to spend the day and enjoy lunch out with her. I guess she’ll have to pick another store.

Covid-19 will probably accelerate the demise of companies that would close soon anyway if the government is able to resist propping up businesses. The shame will be those that were viable pre-Covid19 but it is amazing how little room for error some companies have…reminds me of Buffet’s saying that when the tide goes out do you realize how many were swimming without clothes.

In my area I feel like SteinMart caters to a middle age and up base. I see lots of seniors walking in. Perhaps with COVID these people aren’t shopping.

We had a local SteinMart that closed a few years ago. I agree with @abasket . I felt like I was too young for the store. I assume that was mostly because it was a small store that had a more limited selection.

Too late to edit but I hope I do/did not offend anyone by saying I think they cater to an older crowd.

I agree that SteinMart caters to an older shopper, at least in our area. I’m part of that group, so no offense taken. Unfortunately, over the last decade it seemed that more and more of the store’s merchandise was made in the PRC and I found very little to buy. The last time I went into the store near us was about two years ago.

There is a Steinmart in Palm Springs that is very popular. If they keep any store open, that would be the one. It has a large selection of tennis and golf clothes

I agree it caters more and more to the older demographic, although I don’t remember it being that way when it first opened. Sort of like Chico’s. Whenever I look in, it seems the age is about 70+ that shop there. It was my go-to store when I was 40, along with my friends. I think we’ve had this discussion before.

I never found a lot anymore at SM, but I did find some thngs I liked. It was such a “nice” anchor store for strip malls, I don’t know what can step in there that is like that.