Oh please help me about app fee! Urgent!

<p>I’m applying to Brown but I’m a gap year student and really i can;t pay a fee waiver. On common app of Brown it has only NACAC fee waiver for grade 11 and 12 and collegeboard fee waiver which I’m not eligible either. I also sent email to Brown to ask them but they haven’t replied yet. How can I do now??? :((. If I don’t pay fee, I can’t submit my app in a few days.
PLease smone help! I really appreciate.</p>

<p>That fee is small compared to what you will be paying in this and that if you get in, but I can understand the problem if there are many schools etc. Since you are gap year, ie applying as a freshman, then you might still be eligible. You really should have thought of this before the "Christmas shutdown" week! If you can reach your high school college guidance counselor from last year, I would suppose that they might be able to do the online form for waiver for you. (I would assume they would be in the loop anyway with sending transcripts etc.)</p>