Oh snap, I spelled something wrong on my app, and chances

<p>Like the title says, I mispelled the word "privileged " on my application. It was in the section after you list your activities, where it asks "which one would you continue and why". Will this effect my chances of getting in much? Is there anyway to change it or something?</p>

<p>Also, I sent in my application last night, the 14th, and I was wondering what my chances are, here are my stats:</p>

-3.8 GPA
-32 ACT
-Taken AP Calc BC, Physics C, U.S. History, and I'm talking Chem this year
-I took all honors classes for math and sciences, and one english class
-My brother currently goes to Umich (not sure if this matters or not)
Computer Editor on yearbook staff
Quiz Bowl
National Spanish Honors Society
FIRST Robotics
Model U.N.
Tennis (got 1st in conference for JV)
Math Team
Volunteer at local hospital (not very many hours...probably only 30)
-I got a good teacher recommendation
-I think my essays are somewhere between average and pretty good...I'm not really sure how to judge them.</p>

<p>That's all I can think of for now. Also, when should I hear back from them?</p>

<p>anyone there?</p>

<p>an nyoung :) hehe
uh-di-ae-suh sa-ruh?</p>

<p>just send them an e-mail and tell them your mistake...
that's what i did.
i think you'll be fine!!</p>

<p>You're definately in, and you'll get into honors.</p>

<p>LTW, unless the spelling mistake makes his essay unreadable, I would not draw attention to it.</p>

<p>I would not send an e mail with a note about a spelling error. That is drawing attention to it and also overkill. They know you are human and one little error is not going to make or break you. If you had many, different story. Just to help you RELAX about it....I have a daughter who is a freshman at an Ivy league school who got into several selective colleges....One of her essays had a typo that spell check would not have caught because the misspelled word was actually a real word itself. I had read this essay over numerous times before it was sent, as did a teacher and various relatives and nobody had noticed it. You know what? She still got in. </p>