OH SNAP--Making the news in a bad way

<p>Got one of those phone calls you don't like to get at night. A large tree was knocked down in a thunderstorm in Lynchburg--landing on my fence and garage which housed two of my favorite old cars. According to my tenant the garage roof was smashed down onto the cars but did not crush the cars. One looked fine and the other might have some dents on the top. </p>

<p>Anyway this is the back of my house and fence in the photo.</p>

<p>Strong</a> storm cuts power, lightning sparks fire | Lynchburg News Advance</p>

<p>You can live on the west coast and have earthquakes, you can live in the SE and have hurricanes, you can live on the prairies and have tornadoes.... it's always something.... glad nobody was hurt!</p>

<p>This is a strange thought... I've seen barrons' house in real life! Best wishes with the repairs.</p>

<p>I hope the cars are okay.</p>

<p>I just finished a restoration on the one that might be worse off. Barely put 1000 miles on it. Good news is it is black so any body repair will be easy to match. It's a 73 911S so it's worth fixing. The garage sits well behind the house facing on another street. I did plan to install a new fence one day but the garage was in good shape with a new roof and door opener which is probably toast. I had wanted to remove the tree just for this reason but my arborist said it was a great old tree and he would only trim it.</p>

<p>Glad no one was hurt!</p>

<p>We had this happen a couple of years ago to a 150 year old, healthy pine tree in a high wind storm. No damage in our yard because it fell through to the neighbor's property (karma, indeed, it's that kind of neighbor!), just a couple of panels of fence. Lots of damage in their yard, pool, and to their house. Between the two insurance companies, everything was covered. Sorry about your cars, barrons. That would have broken my car-crazy husband's heart.</p>

<p>Sorry about the news, Barrons. What kind of trees?</p>

<p>Big assed trees--Ash I think. I think we will plant a nice small flowering tree now.</p>

<p>Glad you weren't harmed, Barrons. Sorry about the cars, though.</p>

<p>Big assed trees? Are they deciduous or conifers? Sorry about the cars.</p>

<p>Like this:
Baby</a> steps Big ass tree</p>

<p>I heard that pine trees are the first one to go...those big pine trees worries me.</p>


<p>Ash trees. My arborist just sent me pix and I think we lucked out on the cars. One part of a limb went right through the side door and is leaning on a car but only slightly. Wish I could post pix,, they are pretty amazing.</p>

<p>So they were big ash trees. You were so close, barrons.</p>

<p>My tree man sent this photo of the garage/trees</p>

<p>Yfrog</a> Image : yfrog.com/izgarage3pj</p>

<p>Ouch. You are not in Lynchburg now, correct??</p>

<p>That's a huge tree. There are some of those in my yard...bummer!
It cost a lot of money to remove some trees. I pay some workers for removing some trees recently and it was a bundle. You need authorization from the cities to cut trees, too.</p>

<p>That is a Godzilla of a tree! Yikes! I'm glad no one was hurt, but what a mess you have to deal with! And so happy that your cars escaped almost unscratched!</p>

As old car lovers, My DH and I send our condolences along with the hope that your cars escaped relatively unscathed. Glad no human was hurt.</p>