Oh, the joys of SAT IIs...

<p>I'm a junior and am looking for advice on which SAT II to take in June. I'm much more of a math and science person, but I feel like I should have a humanities test under my belt. I'm debating between literature and spanish (which I can only take without the listening portion). I haven't taken any AP Lit but I've taken spanish since 5th grade and am taking AP next year. Which test do you think the top colleges (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc.) would prefer??</p>


<p>Oh, and if anyone wants to brag about getting into one of the schools mentioned above I would be happy to hear your SAT scores and ECs so I can see how I compare (not to be overly creepy...)</p>



<p>I think the consensus is that the literature exam is the hardest sat II and that Spanish is pretty comparable to AP. I suggest taking practice tests for both (sparknotes has some free ones, I'm not sure if they do for those ones but it's worth looking) and then take whichever you do better on. Have you taken US History? That subject test is at least pretty straightforward to study for.</p>