Oh, these childhood hobbies

My son says he needs his motorcycle in university in another state. But I’m not going to send him 700 miles on this dangerous thing, you never know what happens to him(we are in California, the university is in Denver). What do you think, should he give him a motorcycle in a strange city? If so, how can it be delivered there?

No. Not freshman year. It will just be a distraction. Plus where will he park it where it won’t be subject to theft or vandalism?

I don’t think he needs it freshman year. That’s the year to really immerse and invest yourself in developing friendships, activities, acclimating to academics etc… That being said if he wants it for subsequent years you can have it shipped.

Just one option.

I think it would be better to keep the motorcycle back in California. As mentioned above, he will have plenty of other things to keep him occupied while at school. Additionally, for much of the school year the weather and road conditions in Denver aren’t going to be very motorcycle-friendly.

People ride motorcycles in Denver year round. This week it snowed on Wed, today was 60 degrees, tomorrow 75, snow again next Tues.

However, I don’t know where he needs to drive a motorcycle. If he just wants to go driving in the mountains, no, he won’t have time for that as a freshman.

To get around Denver, there are buses and light rail, there are bikes or scooters to rent.

LOL no.

Why does he need a motorcycle there? What will he do with him in another city?

He practically convinced me, we only have a problem - delivery. I’m afraid to send my son on a bike to go to another state. My husband says that if he really wants a motorcycle, it can be sent by a transport company.

My son loves to ride a motorcycle and cannot live without him, as I already understood

I think it’s a common situation with your son, who wants to have fun in another city. If you have decided on whether to send or not, most likely you need to study this issue. I give you a reference to the article about motorcycle and atv transportation. There you can find information about shipping bike across the country. And I want to ask. Are you not afraid to trust your son to ride such a dangerous form of transport? There is a lot of very news in which people crash on motorcycles.

Where will he keep it?

And check you insurance. You may find that insuring this motorcycle in another city for a college age boy isn’t a bargain.

Will he be responsible for paying all expenses…parking, insurance, gas, maintenance, etc?