Oh Yea

<p>Please tell me the chances I will be rejected from Duke.</p>

800 math 2c 750 physics 710 writing
5 bc calc 5 chem 5 ab calc 4 phys b 5 phys c both 4 ap us 4 ap euro
Intel ISEF third award in biochemistry internationally, us army first place internationally, random science fair award crap.</p>

<p>taking complex analysis, topology and graph theory senior year math.</p>

<p>work in a biophysics/robotics lab and a biochem lab during the school year. </p>

<p>vp mu alpha theta
pres rubiks cube club and founder, can solve a cube in under 30 seconds
pres mock trial
newspaper assoc. editor
academic team</p>

<p>thanks for your time</p>

<p>I'm guessing you're going Pratt?</p>

<p>Pretty sure you're in.</p>