Oh yes.. another 'my chances' post

<p>I was just curious as to how my chances would look to some of the best universities in the country. Unfortunately, probably not too good.. but hey, I suppose they wouldn't be extreme reaches considering what happened.</p>

<p>My gpa.. in ninth grade, the year started with a personal tragedy in the family.. the first semester I wound up with a terrible 2.0 GPA, but by the end of the year I got a 2.6.</p>

<p>In 10th, I got a 3.8, in 11th a 4.0, and in 12th I am prospecting at semester time a 4.5.</p>

<p>My accumulative GPA with ninth grade is 3.4, but without it, it is a 4.0. My class rank should be in the top 20% by the end of the semester (also with ninth grade).</p>

<p>My SATI score should be around 1500, and on the subject tests I am taking (Writing, Literature, ML2.. I am predicting around 770-800 on each of them). </p>

<p>I know I have asked in a previous post how detrimental my ninth grade year would be, but now in this post I am asking with my other stats. </p>

<p>My work experience is excellent. I've worked at a grocery store for 30 hours every week for a year and a half. My ECs are also really good (except in ninth grade) and my community service committment is also really good.</p>

<p>The recommendation letters and essay should also be really good.</p>

<p>Now, considering everything, how detrimental would ninth grade be? Would most colleges (with a proper explaination) understand what happened, and perhaps recalculate my GPA/class rank without that year? I have persevered, and I do not want to be punished for the rest of my life for what happened in ninth grade.. I feel I deserve to go to a college I know I can do well at and would fit in at.</p>

<p>Thanks for your responses,</p>


<p>One of the main reasons for having to write college essays is to explain stuff like what happened to you in 9th grade. So, don't worry about it, it shouldn't hurt your chances too much.</p>

<p>I am looking at Dartmouth, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, as well as a few others... most of them love to see students who have overcame an obstacle from what I've heard, so we'll see o.O</p>

<p>are those weighted gpas?</p>

<p>no, they are not</p>

<p>how can u get a 4.5 uw? that's crazy :)</p>

<p>oh well, the 4.5 during my senior year is weighted, but the accumulative GPA isn't, I'm not sure what it is</p>