O'Hare/Chicago Question

<p>I posted this on the "Parents Forum," but it was suggested I post it here too.</p>

<p>I have a connecting flight in OHARE/CHICAGO that gives me a 35 minute window to get to my next flight. I'm flying United, and coming in from Rochester, NY and going to a flight to take me to the LAX (605 PM - 640 PM). One of the parents suggested that I sit as close to the front of the airplane as I can, so I can be one of the first to leave AND to only have carry-on luggage. I can do this (given that someone is nice enough to switch seats with me).</p>

<p>Any other advice?</p>

<p>As you get close to landing time, open the back of the airline magazine and familiarize yourself with the map/gate arrangement of O'Hare. The flight attendants may be able to tell you the arrival gate and the may be able to find out your connection's gate. I any case, it never hurts to explain you tight connection time to the flight attendants, sometimes they are willing to look out for you and help.</p>

<p>you'll be fine.
in fact, I flew from OH to Rochester 2 weeks ago, transfering in O'Hare. I had a couple hours to do it, but it only took me half an hour one way, and maybe 20 min coming back. It all depend on what gates you are at. If you stick with United, then the gates should be close together. Yes, being at the front of the plane can save a lot of time. Or just get up really fast and ask people to let you go off first.
you'll want to hurry and walk really fast... but it can be done.
what kind of carry-on do you have?</p>

<p>Definitely tell the flight attendants. The pilot might even make an announcement to allow you to get off first.</p>

<p>Thanks! I feel a lot calmer now :] I'll definitely talk to the flight attendants.</p>

<p>My carry-on is just...well, I figure I should just bring a small suitcase (like a duffel bag). Is that okay? I have to bring a sleeping bag with me on the trip, so I don't think that a sleeping bag will fit in just my backpack. A duffel bag-type of suitcase and a long tote bag. Do you think that will be okay?</p>

<p>Check your airline's website for information on what you are allowed to carry on. Typically, you are allowed one carry-on bag that cannot exceed 9"x14"x22" or more than 45" if you add the three dimensions and one "personal item," which could be your tote--it's generally a briefcase or something like that.</p>

<p>if you make the airline transfer all your luggage, then it'll be easier without carry-on. whichever way, you'll be fine. Have fun! God I love airports!</p>

<p>ignore JohC613's advice. IF there is the SLIGHTEST hiccup, your luggage will not be transferred in time. Happens all the time - the passenger makes it, the bags don't.</p>

<p>Of course, you may not mind having them deliver your bag the next day.</p>

<p>One other thing to consider is whether your LA flight is the last flight of the day. If not, then don't worry. If you miss the conx, you will probably be put on the later flight. If it is the last flight, you should then take a look at the on time performance of both your inbound and outbound flights at Ohare. If you find your inbound is often late but your outbound rarely is, plan to have a charge card with you for a hotel room or plan to sleep in the airport in case your conx is blown. </p>

<p>It is hard to believe, but some airlines (I have no direct knowledge of United) routinely book connections that are never made, at least they did a few years ago. It does not happen often, though, thank goodness.</p>