ohh ~..a chances thread (I put this one in MIT, since MIT kids know more about MIT)!

<p>Algebra II Summer School A
Human Behavior A</p>

<p>9th grade.***
VB Programming A A
French I A A
Honors Lang A A-
WG (weighted grade) Algebra II/Trig A A-
Symphonic Orchestra A A
Biology A A-
Honors US History A- A
RANK: 5</p>

<p>Independent study, skipped Chemistray Semester 1 and 2. A A</p>

<p>10th grade.***
AP Comp sci A A
French II A- A-
WG research language arts A A-
WG Precalculus A A-
AP Chemistry B- B (I skipped Chemistry, therefore, my base was bad)
AP European History B+ C+ (C+!!!!! This is unstable. inconcistency. BAD)
Advanced Chamber Orchestra A A
RANK: 4th</p>

<p>summer-Independent Study Skip class French III both semesters A A
health class A A summer school</p>

<p>Junior Year.***</p>

<p>WG French IV A-
AP Lang A-
AP Calc B (I WILL GET A this semester, promise)
Symphonic Orchestra A
AP Bio A-
AP Gov B+
AP US History B-
RANk: 6/320</p>

<p>WEighted GPA: 4.3
Unweighted: 3.77-3.8.</p>

<p>ACT: 31 . I WILL GET a 33 and above. I KNOW I WILL!!!
36 math ACT. 800 Math IIc. 800 Math Ic.

<p>I know I've asked my chances b4, but they were all about penn, and complaining</p>

<p>i'm worried about my ACT. </p>

<p>Academic Team
• Placed 1st in Districts!!
• Some events include: 1st at U. of MO Columbia Tournament (11th) 3rd at Washington University Tournament (11th)
• Numerous top individual medals
• Varsity Captain (12th)
Speech and Debate Team (9th, 11th, 12th)
Eureka Website Design Team, “Webcats” (9th, 10th,12th)
• Lead designer and manager
• Taught students the basics of web site design
• <a href="http://www.rockwood.k12.mo.us/eurekahs%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.rockwood.k12.mo.us/eurekahs&lt;/a>
Chess Club (9th, 11th, 12th)
• Play chess after school once a week
• President
• Cofounder
Varsity Swim Team
Cross Country Team
Reaching out to others through service, ROOTS (10th-12th)
Talented and Gifted Group (9th-12th)
• Mediate and Counsel with other students/talk about family problems, stress, etc.
French Honors Society (10th-12th)
“Welcoming Wildcats”-guide and orientate freshmen</p>

• played for 11 years (1st-12th)
• Accompanist for symphonic orchestra (9th-12th)
• State Auditions rating 1s
• Other events such as NFSM Piano Guild, State (8th), Nationals (9th)/MMTA auditions
• Played for 8 years (4th-12th)
• Symphonic Orchestra 2nd violin section leader (9th), co concertmaster (11th), concertmaster (12th)
• Symphonic orchestra assistant high school conductor (12th)
• State auditions rating 1s
• Excellence in Orchestra Scholarship Award, $250 (9th)
Private Piano Accompanist
Private Instructor-Prepare (and accompany) Middle School students for auditions and competitions, earned about $500
John M. Kastner Board of Education Excellence in Music Award
Participated in many recitals and talent shows
Individually selected to play at Rockwood Board Meeting, Gold Standard Program and Rose Award Program
Taught elementary/middle school students at a clinic before the Rockwood MIOS concert </p>

<p>Eagle Investments, LLC***
• Helped dad start/run a company
• Real estate investment family business
• In charge of communicating with tenants, writing letters, translating documents, ordering rehabilitation materials, and finding property online
• Rehabilitated 15 apartments/currently have 11 units in rent.
(My dad came to america when I was in 10th grade. has VERY POOR english skills. I will mention this in my essay).</p>

<p>St. Louis Chinese Language School***
Chinese Lion Dance Team
• Manager, Coordinator and Captain
• Organize events, advertise for school
• Teach 20+ students the techniques and culture of Chinese lion dances
• Perform at special occasions, such as Chinese New Year, Cultural festivals, grand openings of restaurants, etc.
• Fundraised over $3000 for language school
• Appeared on many articles and interviews
Numerous Top of Class Awards-Rewarded for best performance in Chinese classes
Tai Kwan Do Student (3rd-10th)
Tai Kwan Do Assistant Instructor (8th-10th)
• Instructed 20-30 students basic martial arts
• Assistant Sparring instructor (10th)
Currently studying Wing Chun style (11th)
~a tournament award put here.
STLCLS Full year scholarship Award (6th, 7th)
• Selected from different levels of testing, only four winners per year
• Two time winner
STLCLS Community Service Award, $250.
• Highly selective award. 3 students per year.</p>

<p>SUmmer stuff****
Worked at Little Saigon Chinese restaurant, summer job (10th)
Independent Study Course Skip-Chemistry (9th)
Independent Study Course Skip-French III (10th)
Attended US Naval Academy Summer Seminar (11th)
Traveled to home in Hong Kong (9th)
• Tutored relatives in English and Science, about 20 hours total
Student Conservation Association
• 1 month long of community service to the environment in unique places across the country</p>

Computers and Technology
• Taught self web design, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript
• Created a home web server and website, which is now mainly run by friends
• <a href="http://www.chantown.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.chantown.com&lt;/a> online from 8am-11pm central time only
• Created a free express email program
• <a href="http://www.mail.chantown.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.mail.chantown.com&lt;/a> (online 24/7)
Digital Photography
• photography gallery at <a href="http://www.chantown.com/cpg132%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.chantown.com/cpg132&lt;/a>
• St. Louis Symphony Express the Music Poetry Contest-Top 10 Finalist (10th)
• National High School Poetry Contest-Regional Winner(11th)
• The Foundation “Creative Expressions” Volunteer-Compose and submit an open-topic prose or artwork each month for publishing (11th-12th)</p>

Multilingual-Cantonese (spoken language at home), Mandarin, English, and French
Consistent winner for 2004 “Math Money Contest”
• A monthly math competition held at school
• 3 winners each month
• won about $100
Independent Study AP Environmental Science (11th)
Independent Study AP Economics (12th)
Independent Study AP Calculus BC (12th)
Volunteer at St. Luke’s Hospital (About 130 hours)
Senior Technology Education Program (11th-12th)
• Nonprofit organization
• Founder, elected President
• One on one computer teaching for senior citizens
• Encouraged more than 30 students to become teachers
Foreign Travel
• Traveled to and experienced the rich cultures of Canada, China, Tailand, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and Hong Kong
Annual School Book club-Read and discuss books
Member of Virtual Stock Exchange(portfolio: Chantown)
Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
• Resource Detective for Franklin, MO
Extra Hands Network-Fundraiser/attend events and
Participant in annual Camp Fire Incredible Kid Day (9-12)
• Write letters to kids on March 17th
Elder Wisdom Circle Member (10th-12th)
• Organization that elders a chance to express themselves.
• Frequently talk and chat with elders, give/receive advice regarding school, family, health, etc. using an email system.
MO Botanical Gardens Chinese Culture Day-Acted/Performed Martial arts in a play called “Monkey King”
Gold Honor Roll, ACT Honor Roll. Some school scholarships.</p>

<p>1st generation asian
Dad works at factory. Mom works at Marshalls
Dad is an investor</p>

<p>I don't have time (thats why i have bad grades)!!! <the point of my interview, i will "show" them.</p>

<p>Essays will be about business, of course (my lemonade stand and how I talk to my tenants and realize stuff about this world and money and how it's governed by business and why there are different types of people etc etc)</p>

<p>Do I stand a chance for admission to SLOAN RD (I'm applying to wharton ED)?

<p>may i ask why u took math I and math II?</p>

<p>because it's my only strong point.</p>

<p>I'm also taking Bio SAT II, and US Hisotry, this MAy</p>

<p>As part of MIT's admissions requirements, they request
Level Ic or IIc Mathematics
Chemistry, Physics, or Biology e/m

and a third test of your choice. They will want to see your Math II; I wouldn't think they'd accept Math I as your "choice" test, given that you'll be submitting your Math II. Your Bio and US History would be the ones they see, then, unless you take others in the meantime before you apply.</p>

<p>There aren't many spaces on the MIT application for ECs. It might be a useful exercise to whittle down your list to roughly your 5 most meaningful activities that you now think you will report on your application, and see if you feel those are the best representations of what you've spent your time on outside the classroom. Leadership is good; activities that you've taken the lead to found or take in a new direction are even better. Finding ways to reflect on these activities and what they mean in your life, through your essays, may be valuable also.</p>

<p>they have space for 8 ecs i think, and you have to write a short essay about which is the most meaningful to you and why probably. GL!</p>

<p>can't i submit a resume ("Activities List")</p>

<p>The application specifically mentions not attaching a resume: they don't want to see a laundry list of dozens of activities, they want to know about those that are most meaningful and important for you. But I understand people do sometimes submit one anyway.</p>

<p>I remember they have place for 5 ECs... and what i did was, combine them into categories (computers, music, techie stuff etc). I also put my 3 main interests on the top, in order of importance (as instructed). I thought it was pretty neat...(esp the "description" section where I could elaborate. Definitely better than submitting a resume. I suggest you refrain from sending a resume, and instead, focus on 2 or 3 of your most important personal activities.</p>

<p>I remember Ben Jones saying Math I and II and science of your choice fulfilled the three sat 2 requirements. Not all students have had a chance to be exposed to AP classes in language, literature or history.</p>

<p>AP classes aren't necessary pre-reqs for SAT 2s. And I'm surprised that they'd take Math I and II as two of the three required tests, but you could be right! After the Patriot's Day holiday is over, maybe we can get Ben to respond? :)</p>

<p>hey sorry to hijack this thread but can you elaborate your list on other college applications too? or is it specifically MIT that allows you to do this?</p>

<p>hey Chanman!! --</p>

<p>whew, your activities are very strong and overall I am impressed with your enduring committment.</p>

<p>I would suggest that as you enter your senior year, you focus primarily on your marks. I think that if you have a very strong 1st semester senior-year transcript, that could help admissions officers overlook some of your pitfalls in your earlier years.</p>

<p>This might seem unhelpful, but MIT applicants tend to have higher SAT I scores. The ACT is good, and 31 is definitely solid, but on the most part, MIT would like to see SAT as well. You're from St. Louis so maybe you don't know this, but schools on the east coast tend to prefer SAT I [although they claim this is not true]. Practice practice practice! I know you can do it. Furthermore, when you SEND your scores to MIT so they can see your SAT IIs, they will automatically get your SAT I anyway. SO you may as well try to improve your score while you're at it,</p>

<p>Your extracurriculars are very broad. MIT only wants to see FIVE ECs and they specifically say DO NOT attach a resume. You are going to have to think very hard about which ECs mean the most to you. Use this as an opportunity to show your committment and your DEPTH in a particular small set of activities. Trust me, I know it's hard. On my MIT application, I had to omit math team. It was hard because I really spent a lot of time with the team, but it just wasn't significant to me compared to my other ECs.</p>

<p>What else... it's definitely a great idea to write an essay about business. Keep in mind that MIT, unlike U Penn [with wharton], does not have a separate business school. If you state on your application that you are interested in Course 15 [management -- the closest thing that MIT has to business], your app will be compared to ALL apps. It might also be important to note that you should play to your strengths in science. You may be interested in business, but MIT is a school predominantly for people interested in becoming a scientist/engineer. However, for example, I know someone who is majoring in Management and Material Sciences. If you indicate you're interested in management, you should at least say you want to double major.</p>

<p>Having poor english skills, I don't think, will improve your chances. I'm not sure if admissions people want to hear you whine about your family. If anything, you might want to take the TOEFL if that's a major concern. You may want to talk to your college counselor about this.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

can you elaborate your list on other college applications too? or is it specifically MIT that allows you to do this?


Of the 8 applications I filled, only MIT had a "description of activity and your role in it" section. Others had a "positions held/letters received" section which was basically to put down any leadership position. They had space for like 1 line, while MIT's app had space for almost a paragraph.</p>

<p>What the hell...?</p>

<p>what is what the hell..is there something wrong with my application?</p>

<p>cool. only a line for your achievements? and they dont want abbreviations? gosh!</p>

<p>and chanman. I would first like to say I am no expert at college admission. However I do think that it just all comes down to how you group and categorize your achievements. </p>

<p>Its all about representing your whole 4 year of high school into few sheets of paper. Try different variations and look at them from a perspective of a adcom who sees countless numbers of 1600's and 4.0's and math club president and football team captain. and get those SAT verbal scores and you'll do fine.</p>

is there something wrong with my application?


<p>As a matter of fact, yes.</p>

<p>Your math SAT II scores are simply not up to par with MIT's standards. And, oh dear, the absolute dearth of activities will hurt you deeply indeed.</p>

<p>Yeah I agree. You kinda need 900+ on the SAT II's (especially the silly IIc test) to pass triage at MIT.</p>

<p>I totally second what pebbles said.</p>



<p>how is it possible to get a 900 on SAT II???</p>

<p>i think they we're being sarcastic :) lol... unless u were too, in which case i am the dunce</p>