Hi! I am applying to the HTC at Ohio University. Usually I like to read a couple essays from admitted students before I submit to see if I’m on the right track (NOT to copy!!), but I am having trouble finding any. Is there anybody who was admitted in the past years who would be wiling to share with me?

Hi! This is Lillian from Prompt. I know you’d like to check out examples (I did too!) but I recommend not googling essays for college admissions. The reason is that they have a tendency to distract you with their flashy words and turns of phrase. So it really latches you onto someone else’s experiences or words that are not yours. And ultimately, that isn’t what makes a good college admissions essay work. A compelling essay is one that is authentic to you and your experience.

Hi Julia! I’m an HTC Freshman and it’s an amazing program! You’ll love it. I can’t provide a copy of my essay because I no longer have it, but I can offer some pointers about the whole process or answer some questions. Just let me know!