Ohio raising CLEP pass scores an average of 12% for fall

If you are a prospective student for an Ohio public university who hopes to earn college credit via CLEP, ODHE (Ohio Department of Higher Education) is raising CLEP minimum scores an average of 12% (e.g. from 50 to 56+) starting this fall even though the old cut off scores are still posted online at the College Board CLEP site and at some university sites. As late as 6/7/17, OSU’s credit by examination brochure still lists the old cut off scores for Sociology, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics: https://registrar.osu.edu/testing/em_brochure_current.pdf

Here is a link to a memo from January 2017 describing the 1st phase of the new policy: https://www.ohiohighered.org/sites/ohiohighered.org/files/uploads/transfer/documents/CLEP/Memo%20Announcing%20Statewide%20Standards%20on%20the%20Awarding%20of%20College%20Credit%20for%20College-Level%20Examination%20Program%20%28CLEP%29%20Exams.pdf

Here is an except: The credit granting policy for the 12 exams listed above will be fully implemented by fall 2017 and will be applied to students who are enrolled at a public institution of higher education in the fall of 2017 and have not had their CLEP scores evaluated for college credit. The individual institutions will communicate the new policy to prospective students and other key stakeholders, including advisors and faculty, during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Students will not be informed of the changes during 2017/18 year, but their summer scores will be evaluated under the new policy! My son took a CLEP this summer and scored 4 points above the old policy cutoff and above posted College Board CLEp scores but 2 points below the new cut off; he was told by his university he wont earn the credit because ODHE is giving no wiggle room even though College Board and some university websites including flagship OSU still show the old cut off scores.

If you are an Ohio resident or prospective OHio public university student or parent of such, consider calling or Emailing Hideo Tsuchida at 614-644-0642 or htsuchida@highered.ohio.gov. He is the Director, Articulation and Transfer Policy at ODHE.