Ohio St, Pitt, UConn, Penn St

<p>Could someone please list these four schools in easiest to hardest to get into OOS???</p>

<p>thank you very much to anyone who can do so!</p>

<p>Pitt, Ohio State, UConn, Penn State in order from easiest to hardest for OOS applicants.</p>

<p>could i get some more opinions just to confirm please! thanks for your post ConLax as well! BUMP</p>

<p>My list is similar to conlax11, but with a little change. From hardest to easiest: Penn State University Park, Ohio State (I think their recent sports success has boosted their applications, making it a little more difficult to get in), UConn, Pitt.</p>

<p>^Agreed to an extent. OSU has been getting harder and harder to get into. It is definitely the sports, but they are also offering more opportunities and scholarships to high achieving students. </p>

<p>Yeah, I love OSU. =P</p>