Ohio State Class of 2026 Admission

Right before Christmas, if I am not mistaken.

Chance me EA:

33 ACT
3.91 UW GPA, 4.2W
In state
250 hours community service
Sparse extras, but I ran a coding contest with 200 members.
CSE major EA,
I am homeschooled, which will likely hurt (since this is a public school), or have no effect.

Thank you!

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Schools simply receive scores in their electronic mailbox. Rush by CB has no impact to the school.

Would think shoo in for admission.

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Has anyones child heard from ohio state yet?

Hi there! From their website it looks like there are 2 EA notification dates - Dec 10 and Jan 21 (not sure what the difference is). I’m not sure if they release any batches before those dates or not, maybe check historical posts or another experienced parent can weigh in.

Anyway, here is the link on OSU admissions page, scroll down to “How and when do I get my admission decision”

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If you submit them, they will be quite meaningful.

if you don’t, they won’t.

I don’t think anyone has said that because a school is test optional that submitted scores mean less.

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Maybe i did not explain properly. It is the weight/importance of the scores.
When a school goes test optional, in my mind i expected the importance of tests to go down a notch, but it still is rated very important (maximum weight).

If a school previously considered scores to be 20% of an application decision (to pick a number), submitted scores will still be 20% of the decision. Same importance.

If not submitted, test scores will be 0% and all other components will weigh 12.5% more (x/.8) than they were previously.

This is how I view it. Offering test optional does not mean a submitted score means less.

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Curious about this too - if we don’t get a decision on December 10, what does that mean?

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I’m not sure. I was wondering too. It’s just what I read on their website. Maybe a seasoned Ohio state parent can chime in?

Ohio state will release a second wave of decisions in Jan. Not sure of the date

When my DD applied in 2018 they had 3 waves, the first was the Fri before Thanksgiving then Dec and Jan. They now only do Dec and Jan.

around what time of day are decisions usually released at on December 10th?

If I remember they started late afternoon and released into the evening. My DD heard around 7:30pm.

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Any historic data on what decisions are released 12/10 and which are later?

By major/school/geography? Or by applicant stats?


My DD was accepted in November of 2019 for Fall 2020. OOS, Bio major (Arts and Sciences) heard around 8 pm. Some heard earlier in the evening, others not until March. Didn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason. Merit came later (2-3 weeks), Honors 2-3 weeks after that.


My older daughter is a junior at tOSU. When she applied before 11/1 EA in Fall 2019, if I recall correctly there were two decision releases: one before Christmas and one at the end of January. My daughter heard right before the end of January. Two of her classmates (tiny school - she graduated with only 31 other classmates) heard in December, and two of her classmates heard with her at the end of January (the two that heard the same day as her were deferred to regular decision in April; my daughter was accepted --1/21 I believe was the release date). Good luck to everyone!

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My son applied and was accepted last year and is currently a freshman:) I also have a senior in high school who is waiting for an acceptance. My son did not hear in the first round which was a little nerve wracking. There doesn’t seem to be be an obvious method to their madness:) Good luck!


Does anyone have an idea what time the first round of acceptances will be released tom?