Ohio State Class of 2026 Admission

Starting the official thread for the class of 2026 at The Ohio State.

Applicants and their parents should be pressing Ohio State Admissions and their HS college counselors about what the University is really doing to address and combat the huge spike in gun related crimes in the campus area. Students are being held up at gunpoint on a weekly basis in 2020-21. New safety measures were announced in late August after three armed robberies and a sexual assault took place during move in week, but it hasn’t reduced the daily threat of gun deaths: A mother of an OSU student was shot by a stray bullet in front of the campus in broad daylight, right after a football game on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 11th, 2021! The University President has been silent!


Hi. My daughter has been looking for the Honors & Scholars short answer prompt on the Common App, and we cannot find it anywhere. Can anyone help us?

Has she already decided between the two programs? You can only apply to one. Has she already selected which one? Could it be that she isn’t seeing a prompt until after she selects which program?

I found the following under the drop down for “questions to prepare for” (click the grey area to expand content) at The Common Application - The Ohio State University

Academics: Honors and Scholars Programs

To be considered, we strongly recommend that you meet our November 1 early action deadline. On the application, indicate interest in the University Honors Program or Ohio State Scholars Program. If you wish to apply for the Eminence Fellows Program and Scholarship, you must indicate interest in the University Honors Program and complete the Eminence Application.

There is no separate essay prompt this year. They will use your common app essay.

Found that on this page: Honors & Scholars Scholars Apply

I was also looking all over for it.

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Thank you! I swear I read that page at least five times and my eyes must have skipped over that one line about the common app essay.

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Are people submitting their ACT scores? What’s the minimum composite do you think will help your application?


To whoever decided to comment this. As a student of Ohio State, you truly will find no better place than the university. I am sorry what you may be hearing in the news, but the President has done a lot for the students to try and help resolve the crime. Unless you go to the University (which I am pretty sure you do not), you should not just read everything in the news and then run to CC to complain. So many campuses across the United States have this problem (NYU, GW, Georgetown) and that is just naming some. So let’s not discredit this University before you have gone or before you have all of your facts together.


30 is the average

Search Common Data Set on OSU’s website. https://oaa.osu.edu/institutional-data

Please take non-admissions discussions out of the admissions thread.

Five paragraphs to report a crime off-campus in a major U.S. city is of no value here.

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anyone know when EA decisions come out?

Early action will be released in two waves, Dec 10 & Jan 21. Regular decision, Feb 18 & March 25. However, it does state on their website that these dates could be subject to change.


In the CDS the test scores are still marked “very important”. Not sure what it means. test optional and test very important?

Does OSU accept rushed delivery from College Board for SAT’s?