Ohio State (Scholars) vs Maryland (College Park Scholars)

anyone have anything to say about either of these, or comparing them?

daughter thinking poly sci, maybe (but not definitely) pre-law. She has been accepted into the Ohio State University Law and Society Scholars program (housed in Smith-Steeb Hall), and also the UMD College Park Scholars program (she has to rank these and get placed in a specific one, still). any thoughts on these, UMD vs Ohio State in general, Columbus vs College Park…?


Close to DC…capital of Ohio.

Both fine schools. My daughter was admitted to Scholars at UMD - seemed a fine program.

For her OSU was just too large.

Can you visit both? From a rep and likely even opportunity POV, they’re interchangeable - in my mind.

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Is there a cost differential and is the difference affordable for you?

Ohio State will be cheaper because if a scholarship but both are affordable and cheaper than private choices so cost isn’t a factor. And UMD hasn’t announced scholarships yet so still a remote chance for that…


UMD would be valuable if she gets into the Law-related groups, especially Justice&Legal Thought, Media Self&Society, International Studies,
because those would be maximizing proximity to DC institutions with excellent field trip and internship opportunities related to her interest or Public Health or Public Leadership (though the topics discussed and the field trips seem less relevant but still more interesting than tOSU offer). Each scholars group is associated with a specific dorm so you’d have to look into it but Cumbeland (UMD) and Smith-Steeb( tOSU) are just regular freshman dorms AFAIK.
Access to DC and all the DC-area poli-sci related opportunities would be UMD’s main advantage over tOSU, one it can’t really compete with.

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My son recently graduated from Ohio State ChemE, and loved it. He went in with the Green Engineering Scholars program. The Scholars are LLCs so he was living in a dorm with other Green Eng Scholars together, and this is were he met his friends for life, so it was a great experience for him. They also did some activities (river cleanups, toy adaptations for disabled kids, etc), so really a nice program. And the merit was great, plus tuition held for all 4 years there.

He also got into Maryland as well, but not scholars (I think it was FIRE community at the time). But given a 30K price difference for us, it was a no-brainer and he never looked back.

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UMD scholarships were released in the acceptance letter

No, scholarships were announced on Feb 17th. Only honors invitations were included in the admission letter.

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Right, UMD scholarships are out. You can see any awards or Loan amounts in the UMD financial aid portal.

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