Ohio State Scholarships 2021

Any idea how or when you will hear about scholarships? Hoping for info on OOS Buckeye…

Any info appreciated!

I don’t think we are going to find out until March.

This year is kind of different since usually, in years past, they started releasing decisions in November and honors/scholars/scholarships/MSP notifications beginning in December. but this is the first year they released decisions starting in mid-December

As has been said by others honors/scholars/MSP notifications has not been sent out yet. Once accepted, students can access ScholarshipUniverse and apply for school specific scholarships and general scholarships.

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Has anyone heard anything about the Buckeye Scholarship?

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My daughter has been accepted-would be out of state. Wondering if others have heard back about Morrill or Buckeye Scholarships–and what the general sense is about scholarships during pandemic?

@RNgrad1990 my D21 said she heard Buckeye will be distributed between the mid-February to late March timeframe. IMO, because the # of applications for many of these schools significantly increased as a result of going TO and so many kids applying to 15+ schools, scholarships are going to be harder to come by unless OSU is a safety school for your child. Again, just my opinion.

@american1991 We didn’t get anything in the mail from OSU today, but I’m curious to know what it is.

We went to the admitted students virtual meeting last night. We are OOS california. Here are a few points they discussed:

Merit scholarships won’t be out until late Feb/march

OSU will not increase enrollment this year, last year they did due to Covid, but this year enrollment will be about 7500-7600.

There was a lot more, but they are discouraging visits to the campus…with covid issues, encouraging on-line visits…

Also we had that admission/classes button ya’ll were talking about PRIOR to being accepted. The one that said campus and accept admissions… then accepted after that.

who knows if they are related, could be a coincidence


Thanks, really good info.

@socalgb Thank you. Did you receive an email about the Admitted Students virtual meeting?

Yes, there are a few of these dates available in the future as well. Got the info in an e-mail. I also think you can find the info on OSU website. I am pretty sure there are a lot of different virtual meetings for admitted students.

Did anyone else not get a email regarding these admitted student events?

here is a link to sign up for events.

I think it was buried in an e-mail my daughter got awhile back to check these out. It was not an e-mail that focused on this topic…click the blue link

OSU admitted student events

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@socalgb Thank you! We just signed up for an Admitted Student event.


OSU is really ridiculous. MY D21 has received scholarship notices/awards from everyone of the nearly dozen schools she applied to OSU is the only school that has yet to notify applicants of scholarship awards yet they expect them to commit? She is not the only one becoming increasingly disinterested in attending. No reason for them to wait this long…


@ab424, Unfortunately, it looks like we have another - 6 weeks before we find out about merit as per the Admitted Students session we listened to the other night. They were hoping to get them out in January, but it looks like it is the Feb-March timeframe. Fingers crossed it is in February!

Thats absurd…that 2-3 months later than everyone else. No reason that other schools like Michigan State, Miami, Florida, Alabama, and others can release the info and keep OSU admitted students waiting, especially with such small merit awards in the first place. My D21 has already said if we visit a couple of the other schools and she likes , she isn’t going to wait. Cant blame her…I’ve got a friend whose daughter already committed to another school because she was turned off by this…

Florida won’t even issue decisions until 2/26 actually. But I agree, my son doesn’t want to do any admitted student zoom things unless he knows that attending is a real possibility, which requires at least initial merit scholarship decisions.