Ohio State University Chances!

Hello! I really want to get accepted into Ohio State’s Columbus campus. It has been my dream school for as long as I remember!! Preferred major is astronomy and astrophysics. Here are my stats!
ACT: 27
GPA: 4.086 Weighted
EC: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Soccer coach, Team Captain for soccer (played all throughout high school), Volunteer at a museum in astronomy department, member of astronomy club, member of student council, worked since I was 14 and all throughout high school, and I was the team manager for the men’s soccer at my high school.
Class Rank: 10 out of 133
Course-load: Advance science and math throughout school, AP Calculus my senior year

Do you think I will be accepted?
Thank you in advance!!!

If you are a junior, definitely get your ACT Score up. Your are currently only at the 25th percentile for main campus right now. Someone from my school did get in on an 18 ACT, but her dad wen there and he’s somewhat famous… A lot of people from my high school go there and your ECs seem to be better than theirs, so I think you’re good in that realm.

I’m a senior! Thanks for the response!!

I was accepted!!!

How did you find out already? When did you apply

I got a 28 and had a 4.0. Accepted on November 18. Had plenty of EC’s however a major factor was that I had gotten a 4.0 at one of the hardest high schools in the nation and the top 3 in Ohio. If they notice that you got a good gpa at a very good high school that is more indicative of your knowledge(says the admissions officer). You have a very average chance at this point but your chances go up quite a bit depending on how much your high school is revered academically.

I applied October 27.

congratz man!