Ohio State University Honors Program 2024

Was wondering who has been accepted, if they have received merit scholarships, and the pros-cons for academics and housing

I was accepted last night into honors . I am an engineering major and received the morrill prominence scholarship. I have not heart anything about any other merit scholarships, however.

My dd is a dance major. She was accepted to honors and received Provost and the National Buckeye scholarship.

Son accepted into honors about a month ago. Have heard nothing on merit awards.

My daughter is accepted. We are OOS so fingers crossed for the buckeye scholarship but we haven’t heard yet. We did go to an accepted student’s tour. Honors kids get choice of 3 dorms (one on each end of campus), priority scheduling, and an honors academic advisor within their major. It seems like they get a lot of support.

When is the honors notification deadline? I got accepted 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything yet.

not sure re honors…I found out back in December…

@cowboylover49 Decisions for the Honors program will be released until mid-April according to the honors website. https://honors-scholars.osu.edu/honors/apply

Hi! I’m a current first year in the Honors program at OSU. I lived in Taylor Tower on North campus this year and can answer any questions you might have about it! I have experience as an honors student within Fisher College of Business, the ASC, and John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

I’m considering attending OSU and got into the honors program but am not sure if I want to do it because a lot of people say it’s just extra work with little benefit. I just have a few questions about it.

How do the classes and work load compare to non honors students? Do you think it’s worth it?
How does it compare to the regular school in terms of living facilities, people, parties etc. Do people in the honors college feel isolated from the rest of the school?

Thank you for your help!!!

Does anyone know what it is like transferring from scholars to the honors program? Is it hard?

My D was accepted into the honors program in December. We are IS and she was given the Maximus scholarship. We attended an Honors information session during Buckeye Bound in Feb and what is most attractive to her is the priority scheduling, opportunity to be a TA, and travel abroad encouragement. She is pre-med so getting into the classes she needs when she needs them is so important so that she can fit her pre-med coursework in on top of her general major requirements.

agree re priority scheduling - also many of the classes are smaller…

@emrnewell Congrats to your D. So exciting! My DS is a sophomore and the priority scheduling has been great! This benefit should not be underestimated – his sister who is one of the crowd (no honors) at a top 10 uni sometimes has trouble getting classes she wants.

Hey! Would you say Taylor tower is better than Bradley or Lincoln?

depends on campus where you want to be…positives/negatives to all of them…

Has Anyone else still Not heard from honors? I still haven’t gotten my decision yet…

My son is a sophomore in Honors, arts and science. Lived in Lincoln tower freshman year and did not like it much - isolated from the rest of campus so he was hardly there. Had to hang out with friends on South campus. But he did have a quad for only 2 students which was nice. Looks like that has now changed and all 4 beds in each quad are occupied in Lincoln meaning 16 kids in 4 person suites! Choosing honors does not get you great housing, imo.

But I have read many stories of students who liked their experience in Lincoln very much. My son DID like the short walk to the RPAC to workout often.

He only took 1 honors class/semester his freshman year. You don’t have to take all honors classes. The ONLY benefit he has seen is Priority scheduling, @ one month before the rest of students. He doesn’t plan to take any more honors classes and will be dropping it after this year, or be dropped from it!

I would say that Taylor is the best honors dorm, although that does come from a biased place since I lived there. Taylor has AC (which Bradley doesn’t have), you’ll end up in a quad (in Bradley you’re more likely to end up in a double and in Lincoln you’ll have to live with roughly 16 other people in a cluster), and in my opinion north campus is the nicest. The buildings are all new, North Rec is super nice and close to Taylor, Scott is on North and it’s arguably the best traditions location (traditional dining hall), and there are lots of options for good food right next to Taylor on High Street. It really all depends on what vibe you’re looking for on campus and what you want to be closest to! The Towers (Lincoln and Morrill) are very far from everything, but if you like the idea of a large community then that might be the right fit for you. Bradley also has its perks as it’s closest to the Union and the Oval.

@ohiogirl8251 - thx for the color on the dorms…I’m going to be in Taylor I think as part of the Business Honors LC - am glad to be on north campus…