Ohio State University - Regional Campus Option

Any parents/students with input on transferring to OSU-Columbus from a regional campus after the first year? My son was admitted to Newark, accepted at Miami in Ohio, Ohio U., University of Cincinnati, etc. Undecided major, leaning to history/teaching track or computer science (bit of a hop). Point is, that he isn’t attending a business school, honors college, etc.

How much is “lost” starting at a regional campus and then making that second transition to the main campus? If admitted to Columbus, there wouldn’t be hesitation on college choice, but having this first year and then having to switch gears the 2nd year is providing some hesitation, coupled with the loss of the larger, social opportunities at a bigger, more traditional campus as a freshman, etc.

Dorm space isn’t guaranteed at Newark and it is too far to commute, also a concern. Not sure of what the off campus housing is like and would appreciate any input from students who attended a regional campus and/or parents whose kids chose this path to OSU on pros/cons, etc.

My kids began their OSU transcripts at a regional campus earning between 59-82 credits in engineering. The toughest part about transitioning to main campus was finding a study group for my D. She was accepted into the Biomedical Engineering major and most of those students already knew each other, so she had to make an effort to get to know them. My S was accepted into the Electrical Engineering major and as an introvert, actually felt the opposite. He constantly saw familiar faces on main campus he’d met at the regional campus and felt like he had a good network there established.

The regional campuses have a lot to offer. Organic Chemistry in a 25 person lecture with demonstrations and recitations by the professor is an experience you’d only find in an honors section on main. They also have campus activities, clubs and undergraduate research opportunities. Students also have access to football and athletic tickets.

If your student does well at the regional (or they have a high gpa or ACT/SAT score) they should inquire about honors classes available at the regional campus. They only offer a handful at the regional campuses, but it’s good to get started on those requirements as early as possible.

If you are looking at campuses other than Newark, the Marion campus does not have housing, but there is a privately owned student housing complex in walking distance (The Annex). It offers rental agreements for each private bedroom and is fully furnished with shared living and kitchens in 2-4 br unit apartment style living. Pre-covid they used to supply a continental breakfast buffet in their clubhouse, I’m not sure if they still do.

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Thank you so much for the detailed response, much appreciated. I am beginning to really like the lower costs, smaller size etc., and think this may turn out to be a good detour for him if he opts for OSU. I suppose there are many students who transfer from a regional campus, or other colleges, would have to play catch up at the main campus to get into a groove. And, as you said, I would presume he would know quite a few of those transfers from Newark already. Again, thank you for taking the time to post. Will be a relief when he finally decides, at least for me:) Again, thanks for posting, very helpful to see that this has worked out well for other students.

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