Ohio State vs. Miami (of OH)

Hi everyone!

I know this question has been asked before.

I’m really stuck between the two options.

I plan to major in a business degree at either school along with a pre-med track.

I’m of a diverse background (Middle East) and really looking to excel in school.

So, Miami offered me full tuition to attend their school and I was directly admitted to the Farmer School of Business and the Honors program. It’s going to cost me about $13,000 to attend this school. I am worried about the lack of diversity.

At OSU, I got into Honors and it will cost me about $15,000. I am worried about the size of this school.

I really need any advice on what to do. Anything will be appreciated!!

The one thing to look at is the fees. At Miami once you start taking classes in the business school you will be charged $100 per credit hour. So your junior and senior year will be at least $3000 more with the fees. And the first two years you live on campus the fee for “eating in the facilities” that is charged before you chose your meal plan is $1700 /semester. I do not know what OSU fees are like.

OSU will be more diverse - no question. Both great business schools. Campuses are VERY different. What environment do you like more?

So for Miami, is that 1700 not included within the room and board fees?

I’m not sure about the campuses… I guess I would find more people like me at OSU but the size is scaring me.

There are many clubs within the business school at OSU that you could join to make the school feel smaller. Plus you will meet people through the dorms and through activities not related to your major. At a large school, you may need to make more effort to join clubs in order to meet people, but it is worth doing that versus picking a small school based upon fear. In the business world, learning the kind of networking skills that will make a large university feel more personally relevant will be extremely beneficial to you. Good luck to you.

Farmer is the better business school and if you want a smaller school, Miami OH is a better choice. tOSU WILL be more diverse. Check out the worship opportunities on both campuses and towns, availability of appropriate food in both cafeterias, Middle Eastern restaurants in the surrounding community.