Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech vs. Clemson

<p>For engineering. Right now VTech is top of the list, but i am strongly considering clemson and ohio state as well. Any one have an opinion, assuming cost were the same, as to which school would be better for me. </p>

<p>base it on this criteria (going into chemical or mechanical engineering):</p>

job recruiting
actual learning experience (e.g. student to faculty ratio, renowned professors, etc.)
rural, safe, laid back environment
party scene is good, but people actually study too
diverse, but fairly conservative
good sports… (o wait…they all three fit that :D)</p>

<p>those are some of my criteria, but feel free to add any other opinions based on experience with the schools. I have been accepted to all three and I am visiting osu and clemson this weekend. Any input is appreciated!</p>

<p>Well, right off the bat, I'd rule out Clemson. Clemson has one member of the National Academy of Engineering on its faculty. Ohio State and Virginia Tech have 10 and 11 respectively. If you look at National Academy of Sciences members on faculty, Clemson has zero. Virginia Tech has 3; Ohio State has 10.</p>

<p>If one moves beyond the sciences and engineering to the humanities and social sciences (which should be a fundamental part of any undergraduate education) the gap between Ohio State and the more technically oriented universities (VT and Clemson) becomes even more apparent.</p>

<p>I've linked the last comprehensive study of academic departments by the National Research Council in 1995 as well as the current research university rankings by the Lombardi Center. These seem to be the most well respected evaluations of universities out there.</p>

<p>NRC</a> Rankings
NRC</a> Rankings in Each of 41 Areas</p>

<p><a href="http://mup.asu.edu/research2007.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://mup.asu.edu/research2007.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I'm a virginia resident going to OSU next year, Tech doesn't compare socially. I can't speak for the engineering side of your question, but I can say that my friends who go to tech don't all like it there, but everyone I've talked to at OSU love it. Also, Tech is in the boonies, nothing is out there. Columbus is a great town, but OSU is on the outside of it, so you get the beautiful campus right next to a budding metropolis. And you'll find that there is a diversity of partying styles in any state college you go to, so you can find the right fit if you look for it.</p>

<p>Go to Tech</p>

<p>OSU buckeyes!</p>