Ohio state winter transfer chances,

<p>Im a freshman at my college right now but i am really unhappy here right now, only reason i came is because it was the only school that accepted me and my parents made me come. Im planning to transfer out of here after the first semester. I know i should give it a chance but i've been here about 2 months and it hasent grown on me I just dont see my self being here another semester let alone another year. Ok i want to transfer to ohio state but im not so sure my hs record is good enough. I wanted to apply here last year as a senior but I was to confident and thought that out of the 5 schools i initially applied to one would take me, well i was wrong. Since im a first semester transfer all they will see will be my sats and hs record no college grades. In high school i had a 2.8 after the first two quarters but im not sure what it was at the end, i know i probably went up because at the beginning of my senior year I had a 2.4 and got it to 2.8 in two quarters and i got around a 3.5 every quarter. My sats are no too good, i got a 960(440m 520v) the first time, 1030(470m 560v) second and 1040(490m 550v) third and i cant take them anymore because i dont know if they take sats after hs and the app is due nov 1st. I have some ecs i was in band all 4 years of hs, i did marching band as a senior, i was in the DECA association as a senior, i played soccer all four years and i worked in a concession stand a fedex field during my sophmore and senior years but it was actually more of a fundraiser because it was to raise money for new band uniforms, instruments and things like that, but it was hard work from 9 am to 7 pm, and lastly im hispanic whose parents never went to college and we dont make that much money but we get by, but this didnt help me as a senior applying so i dont think it's gonna help me now. So should i just accept that im stuck at a school that I hate or do i have any chance at maybe being in columbus in january. Sorry for making it so long.</p>