Ohio U HTC vs. Miami of Ohio UHP

Does anyone have current information concerning the strength of Ohio U’s HTC program vs. Miami of Ohio’s UHP and UASP (Law/Public Policy)?

We’re out-of-state, and son has been accepted to all three programs. Son is a pretty flexible guy and can be happy anywhere, but he does want to make sure he’s going into a strong program. He’s staring down graduate school and doesn’t want to be stuck in a program grad schools don’t appreciate. Son’s program is Political Science (looking toward a Master’s in Public Policy).

Help! And thank you!

Thought it may be helpful to tag a couple of folks… @digmedia @OrangeFish

Any words of wisdom you can offer? Thank you!

Hi @buckeyeinbama – I’m no help on Ohio U’s public policy/poli sci and Honors program as my D applied/was accepted for the BFA in Production Design and Technology in the School of Theater.

As an aside, I do know Miami of Ohio has a strong alumni network, at least from what I’ve witnessed in the Washington DC area.

@OrangeFish Interesting you should mention Miami. They’re HIGH on my son’s list. Mind if I PM you?

A strong alumni network is definitely of major consideration considering that my son will likely end up in the DC area (his dad works in DC and lives in Silver Spring, MD… he isn’t in the public policy, think tank, lobbyist arena, however).

Happy to chat more by PM, @buckeyeinbama

Just curious, but did you get a letter in the mail in addition to the portal update regarding HTC acceptance?

@HMMof2 My son did not receive a letter in the mail. He was curious and so checked his portal where he noticed his acceptance to HTC, but maybe a letter will follow via snail mail.

Something interesting, though: He noticed that his email preference is set to the OU email address… which he never checks… so maybe notification went there. He tried to change his default email to his personal email, but the site wouldn’t let him.

Which HTC program did you apply to?

Ah, okay - that’s the same way we found out. My son checked his portal and it was updated to show acceptance into HTC. Maybe this week we will get the snail mail! He applied to English and math. I’m not sure if he got accepted to one or both, so hopefully the snail mail will make it clear. How about your son?

He’s Political Science, but he’s more into the Public Policy side of things. He’s definitely staring down undergrad research, internships in DC, followed by grad school in the DC area. The flexibility of the HTC will be a huge help to him, so OU is under strong consideration.

Are you guys in-state or out-of-state? How’s the merit money lining up?

We are in-state. I think HTC students (no matter in- or out-of-state) get full tuition, but we haven’t seen that on the portal yet.

@HMMof2 We received a letter today from OU with an additional Premiere scholarship. Did you receive that as well?

@buckeyeinbama we got it and a separate package of Smarties candy - a cute touch. :slight_smile: From what I recall from the interview day, the Premiere replaces any scholarships offered originally.

@HMMof2 Yes, the Premiere did replace the others. Have you guys made your decision to attend?

S is strongly leaning that way, but we’ve yet to hear back from Kenyon, Oberlin, and Denison. I don’t think any of those schools will give us enough merit aid to be competitive, but we will soon find out. HTC seems like such an amazing opportunity and S really hit it off with the math chair.

Fantastic! My S19 applied RD to Kenyon as well, but he didn’t get good vibes from the Denison folks so didn’t apply there. We finally got the smarties from OU yesterday. Cute and clever.

I received my smarties last week, and am very excited. Ohio U is my number one choice, and the HTC scholarship helps. Has anyone gotten any information about any additional scholarships awarded by Ohio University? They list a lost of potential scholarships, but no information as to when you find out if you are being considered, or will be awarded one: https://webapps.ohio.edu/scholarship/

I’m not sure if other scholarships are coming. At the HTC interview day, we were told that the Premire scholarship replaces any previously-awarded scholarships. But, if there is a chance additional scholarships could be forthcoming, that would be great to know!

That would be seriously nice!

@buckeyeinbama did your S get good news from Kenyon? Our S got waitlisted, so we’re looking at it as a sign that HTC may be where he’s meant to be. Have yet to hear from Oberlin, but pretty close to committing to HTC. He really is excited about HTC and the opportunities it can provide.

@HMMof2 Yes, he did get accepted to Kenyon. I’m sorry to hear about being waitlisted.