Ohio university , Athens, Ohio

<p>how demanding is the school? How hard is it to get into the Scripps school od journalism?</p>

<p>We visited OU in June and talked to a professor in the Scripps school of journalism, and also had a tour of Scripps. It is their most selective school, with the average CR + math SAT score in 2007 being 1250, ACT of 27, and students in the top 13% of their HS class. There are approximately 250-270 journalism students. You can be directly admitted to Scripps, and start taking journalism courses right away. You would have an advisor in the J-school that you must meet with regularly in order to register for your classes. They require internships, and the advisor helps find the internships. 32 hours must be in arts & sciences other than journalism (they refer to it as a specialization - it does not have to be a separate minor). Each year, $250,000 in scholarships are given away to upper classman in the journalism school! 5-9 foreign correspondant internships for seniors are given (full-ride) every year. There are lots of opportunities in newspaper, magazine, TV station, and the NPR-affiliate radio station.</p>

<p>As far as the rest of the school, I don't think it's very demanding at all. A lot of people consider it a party school. It's a beautiful campus and in a really great little town.</p>

<p>DH took son to info session and said they superscore standardized tests.</p>

<p>re post #2; I have quite the opposite opinion. I've never visited the campus but from reviews (Yale) and personal anecdotes, Ohio U is reputued to be an academically rigorous public institution.</p>

<p>Like any other public it's a mixed bag. The strongest students are in the Honors Tutorial College (1-on-1 program like Oxford), Scripps School and Russ College of Engineering.</p>

<p>It is a party school but that doesn't mean the students aren't smart. The journalism program is second-to-none at the undergraduate level.</p>

DH took son to info session and said they superscore standardized tests.


Yes, that is what they told us as well.</p>

<p>Terry, when you ask if a school is demanding, of course it is relative to other schools out there. OU is not very selective (85% admitted) and has a lower 25-75% SAT/ACT range than some other schools. That said, it doesn't mean that the students aren't smart, but it does cater to a different group of students than, say, Harvard. It's all relative. My son was accepted into Scripps just last week. We don't know yet if he will be attending, but maybe he will see you there.</p>

<p>What does it mean that they "superscore standardized tests"?
Thanks for any replies.</p>

<p>superscore = if you take the SAT mutliple times, they'll take the highest score per section if they are on different tests.</p>

<p>The reputation of this school in Ohio is becoming rather questionable. True or not, it is viewed as a party school. It's also been through several recent scandals, including one where many graduates were stripped of their degrees when it was discovered that they had plagiarized their work. It's a good option, but Miami is generally considered a better school.</p>