Ohio University BFA Program

My daughter was just provided some very solid interest from Ohio University BFA acting program. I know it is a new program. Can anyone provide some insight and experience with the program.

The BFA Acting I believe is not new. The MT is new, my D was also accepted to the BFA Musical Theatre there . We visited the campus and she really loved it and all of the people and professors !

Yes! Their dance and acting programs are well established and very good! The MT was new last year. So far I have been VERY impressed w what I have researched on faculty, program, and opportunities. They also have an equity theatre at the school. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a child who attends Ohio as a MT BFA and could chime in ?

My son is very interested in this school’s programs too. We were there this past weekend and very impressed. I would love to hear from anyone attending or anyone attending next year. Specifically he is wondering if he is in the BFA acting track the singing opportunities. He knows he can still audition for musicals as the two programs sound pretty integrated, but wonder how easily he could minor in music and/or take private voice lessons?

@Shel325 I can only tell that my D has been accepted to BFA MT for next year and it is in strong consideration. We loved the campus feel and the people. Alan was very easy to answer questions. She has a phone call scheduled for next week with him but we really feel like it is going to be an emerging program.

When did your D audition with Ohio?

@depejohnson she auditioned in October on campus and got an offer just before Thanksgiving… Ironically her first audition - so if we went through ALL of this and she ends up at her first place : ). Well, I will just be happy it is over!

My D (class of ‘23 elsewhere) was accepted to Ohio U’s BFA acting last year and inquired about possibilities for MT, voice lessons, dance, etc. They were very nice but made it clear there would not be much opportunity for crossover to MT since she’d have enough to do in the Acting track and, bc she wasn’t accepted to their MT program. However this was last year and things might have changed.

I auditioned at NY Unifieds and just got a yes! It was more of a congratulations through the university via email for my acceptance to the program - so I guess that means I’m in.


Congratulations on the acceptance!! That’s great news!!

Can anyone tell me about the dance here for the MT BFA? My D is interested in this program but is a little concerned about the “newness” of it.

My S got an acceptance letter by snail mail today after auditioning on campus on 2/1.

Does anyone know how many students are accepted? And I as well would like to know about the dance if anyone knows about that too :slight_smile:

My son is BFA MT at Ohio. He absolutely loves it. We just went to a concert there on Saturday night and were very impressed at the level of talent. And yes the theater department is well established, they have a dance major and they also have an equity theater naked the Tantrum Theater which recently re-located onto campus. He also has several friends in the theater program. Hope that helps.

If anyone would like further info contact me over at MT Parebts page on Facebook. I started the page and dint really come over here much.

My D had a long phone call today with APK and he gave her a lot of very good information about the program etc. He was so nice. I would recommend anyone considering Ohio to set up a call with him . My D walked away feeling really good about this option.