Ohio University takes No. 1 party school crown

<p>"Ohio University has vaulted to the top of Princeton Review's annual ranking of the biggest party schools in the nation, much to the chagrin of administrators looking to avoid the distinction, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.</p>

<p>In addition to the party school ranking, Ohio U. was named tops in beer drinking among 376 colleges nationwide. President Roderick McDavis said in a statement that the ranking 'does not match the data we have collected.' "</p>

<p>Does anyone really care about these party school rankings anymore?</p>

<p>Ohio</a> University takes No. 1 party school crown - Business First</p>

<p>Just saw this post. S1 is going to OU as freshman in 2 weeks. He had scholarship offers from Ohio State, Univ of FLa and a few others but LOVED the OU campus and had several friends go there last year. That plus a much better scholarship offer and we're in. </p>

<p>In reply to party school crown, at orientation the Dean said OU hasn't shared their emails w/the Princeton Review in over 3 years. Plus in the last few, they've implemented and enforced a 2 strikes and out policy (one of the tougher ones around). So he's not sure how they got so lucky. He thought it was odd, too, they got ranked in top 10 for athletic facilities--they're nice but top 10? Makes you wonder. . .</p>

<p>S1's take is that when Ohio State and Univ of Fla party, they have their Big 10 teams as a reason, so it's socially more acceptable. His friends all finished freshman year with high GPA's (in a variety of majors) and loved it, having found plenty to do besides get drunk. They said some of their dorm mates did fall face-first into the party scene and were in real trouble. But I remember that happening at my well-regarded college, too. </p>

<p>DH's nephew graduated in '09 from OU's engineering school w/good grades and got a great job immediately. He claims some of the smaller, more isolated schools his friends attended have much more problem w/substance abuse.</p>

<p>We'll remain vigilant as parents--but we would no matter which school he had chosen!</p>

<p>I'm transferring to OU this Fall. At orientation they made a really big deal about the drinking thing. The college is very aware of this problem and is doing a lot to enforce their strict policies. </p>

<p>Thing is, during the big "parties" that occur around Halloween and in the Spring, a majority of the people that go, get drunk, and give the school a bad name are not OU students.</p>

<p>My cousin goes there now, and she said it's really not as prevalent if you don't want it to be</p>