Ohio University then transfer to Ohio State?

<p>I didn't get into Ohio State so I'm going to transfer after a year at Ohio University. I attended high school in California and got a 3.0 gpa. What are the acceptance rates for transfers? and what gpa would I need to get to have a good chance of being accepted? Thanks</p>

<p>Please... any advise would be appreciated!</p>

<p>Once you go to OU don't be surprised if you stay there and fall in love with the place. As an alum '67 I still have not found a better looking campus. Read about it other places on this forum. Unless OSU has a program you can't get at Ohio University I'd recommend staying in Athens. At least don't be surprised if this eventuates.</p>

<p>^ I went to OSU and agree with the above statement about Ohio. We just toured Ohio 10 days ago while my D interviewed for a scholarship. She was pleasantly surprised.</p>

<p>I have a 2.8 transferable GPA and got in. I have 58 units completed and will have 77 after this summer. It seems like the less work you have from a university/college the harder it may be to get in to another. Let me know if you have any other questions.</p>

<p>thanks everyone. So kyleram07,would you suggest transferign after 2 years instead?</p>

<p>those tards just accepted me with a 2.3! god help that campus here i come</p>

<p>Im applying for ohio university and ohio state with a gpa of 3.0. and 30 credits, dont know if ill get in tho.</p>