Ohio Wesleyan EA1

Anyone heard back yet? Who got accepted? I’m an international student so anxiously waiting to hear back, just not sure if we’ll be e-mailed about it or if I should check the actual mail delivery!

nah i havent heard back yet. hopefully today though since dec 15th is the official notification date for EA1! although since my application was only actually complete a few days ago (issues with my teacher eval) i might hear back later than the 15th!

good luck to everyone applying! :slight_smile:

@lapidescence I got accepted! I didn’t receive an e-mail, just logged into my portal and there it was. :slight_smile: How about you?

I just got accepted. I didn’t receive an email yet though. I did the same as @senior1721 and just logged in at like 4:45. Very excited! Congrats to everyone!