Ohio Wesleyan

<p>Has anyone else visited some of the Ohio schools? I just came back from a tour and really like Ohio Wesleyan. I had read about it in the book: 'Schools that Change Lives" and was really impressed. I checked out campusdirt.com and the school got really high marks, especially for curriculum and professors (not much of social scene, I guess.) Anyone have insight??</p>

<p>Our family (from CA) on multiple college trips has visited the following schools: Drew in NJ; Ithaca in NY; Hillsdale in MI, Bucknell, Carnegie Mellon and Muhlenberg in PA; Dennison, Wooster, Mt. Vernon, Marrieta, Otterbein, Kenyon, and OWU in Ohio. Oldest S decided on a CA beach school, youngest is headed for OWU in the fall. </p>

<p>We were pretty impressed with most of the OH schools. OWU just seemed to be the right fit for him. It seems to have a little of everything: good rankings, CTCL book endorsement, greek life, community service focus, sports, traditions, emphasis on diversity and international student support, and sufficient resources to ensure a nice college experience academically and socially. Our S also likes the location: small town but very close to the action of a large city.</p>

<p>Our interactions with Admissions were very personal and our S felt as though they really wanted him to choose OWU. This from a kid with a B average and very average SAT scores. Most of the other schools he applied to did not show such interest in him (not the stellar scholar). </p>

<p>Funny thing, we visited OWU at a CTCL college fair in LA during our oldest S's college search. My husband wasn't very impressed with the person at the table and so he crossed OWU off the list. A bit rash I thought. The following year when we visited 5 schools in Ohio, we didn't stop at OWU. Then with the youngest son, I insisted we visit OWU during his college search. My husband loved the school and just shook his head at previously having ruled them out.</p>

<p>My son will be a sophomore at OWU this fall. In addition, we live about 5 minutes from the school :) If you have any questions, I'd be glad to try to answer them. Hope your son is excited.</p>

<p>My daughter was just accpted to OWU and this is her first acceptance. She is very curious about the night life and students. We visited on a Sunday, walked around the library but didn’t see alot of activity.</p>

They send telemarketers after you if you show interest