Ok, how reliable are these rankings??

<p>The</a> Princeton Review: The Top 20 Graduate Engineering Programs</p>

<p>I can't believe MIT or Caltech or Stanford aren't in these...</p>

<p>Clearly those rankings aren't very reliable. The criteria they use are:</p>


Each school’s profile on this list of distinction includes information on student and faculty stats, undergraduate admission requirements, as well as costs and financial aid.


<p>Your college advisers will give you much better information on engineering grad schools than the Princeton Review ever could.</p>

<p>Also those rankings are 4 years old.</p>

<p>Horrible rankings...</p>

<p>Those have never been true, for any year...</p>

<p>Sb woo! Party!</p>

<p>The website starts with a web.</p>

<p>That makes it suspicious I suppose...</p>

<p>bump. I want to see more people's reaction to these rankings.</p>

<p>The Princeton Review should just stop doing rankings. Period. They're all awful.</p>

<p>why even bother making a thread on this? anyone can make a list of schools and call it a ranking. it doesn't look useful, move on.</p>