ok i dont know what to say

<p>So I'm hanging out with some friends today when all of a sudden I get a call. It was somethng like a 617 area code, so i was pretty hesitant to pick it up since i dont know anyone with that area code. So i say hello, and this lady says "hi Im from MIT admissions and Im calling to see if you have any questions regarding next year's admissions process". at this point, im like ***? i had no idea they were going to call, and i really didnt have any questions regarding admissions. So i came up with the only thing i could think of , and asked about admissions deadlines. keep in mind, i sounded like a complete tard while on the phone. </p>

<p>does getting a call from mit mean anything or are they just trying to get as many applicants as possible? also, i hope the phone conversation doesnt kill my chances. I mean, i didnt know what to expect, so i studdered a lot trying to think of something to say.</p>

<p>edit: im a rising highschool senior</p>

<p>probably trying to get as many applicants as possible :).</p>

<p>however, that doesn't mean you shouldn't apply!</p>

<p>PS. the phone conv probably means nothing ^^. don't worry about sounding like a "tard"</p>