OK I submitted my app, now chances

<p>Highest SAT: Reading 690, Writing 690, math 640 (BUT I GOT A 32 on the ACT math)</p>

<p>ACT: 29</p>

<p>GPA: 4.2 out of 4.0</p>

<p>No class rank</p>

<p>Most Depanding Course load (My counselor said that he rarely sees anyone taking my courseload) Basically all honors and 11 AP classes by end of 12th grade</p>

math team
multicultural interest/language interest/history interest: I make this apparent throughout application
Hospital Volunteer: over 200 hours (apart of the advisory board)
Elementary School tutor
A bunch more community service stuff
Amnesty International
Student teacher</p>

<p>I come from a competitive public school in wisconsin
I'm Japanese and Caucasion, first generation college student (my mom and sister dropped out of high school), low income (recieved fee waivers), parents divorced when I was in 9th grade, had many family issues throughout 11th grade but managed to keep grades up high. </p>

<p>Pretty sure essay was great!! Something unique which was also personally touching.</p>

<p>Didn't read reccomendations, but I think one was decent and the other was excellent. My Counselors reccomendation was awesome for sure.</p>

<p>I'm defiantly going to major in international relations/history/political science</p>

<p>cool ec's...depends on ur major?</p>

<p>Your stats are good, but your EC's are common among applicants. What makes you stand out? What was unique about your essay? If your essays are good, you have a good shot. What school are you applying to?</p>

<p>i'm applying to arts and science. I guess that I am a first generation college student, and overcame difficult family circumstances which my counselor wrote about, low income possibly??</p>

<p>CAS: 25.5% acceptance rate</p>

<p>decent chance i would say...

<p>o yeah, almost forgot
Chemistry 730 and US History 700
US hist 4
chemistry 4
ap calc ab 4
calc bc 3
government 3</p>

<p>so ap scholar with distinction</p>

<p>CAS has an 18% acceptance rate, Arjun.</p>

<p>Break down by college for Class of 2008 (entered fall of 2004) </p>


<p>College Apps Accepts %
Agriculture & Life Sciences 3,406 978 28.7%
Architecture, Art & Planning 717 160 22.3%
Arts & Sciences 9,437 2,403 25.5%
Engineering 4,563 1,734 38.0%
Hotel Administration 782 202 25.8%
Human Ecology 1,227 431 35.1%
Industrial & Labor Relations 690 222 32.2%
TOTAL UNIVERSITY 20,822 6,130 29.4%</p>

<p>ur scores are decent yogurt...
My Advice: Stir up some stellar essays that touch the admisssion off's heart-> Ur through then</p>

<p>We're class of '09 ;). Those statistics are outdated. Go look up recent ones.</p>

<p>thanks everyone... but just one more question... will they look at my sat math of 640 and then look at my act math of 32 and then take the highest score (cause doesnt a 32 correlate to like around 700?)</p>

<p>yogurt...don't worry, Cornell Adcoms will surely give ur app a good thought</p>

<p>btw ive been thinkin for the last 15mins...why did u choose a name like "Yogurt"</p>

<p>Maybe a love of yogut and active bacteria cultures?</p>

<p>funny... no, just random</p>

<p>So... you hate bacteria and yogurt? In that case, terrible chances at Cornell. If not, you probably have a good shot.</p>

<p>your competivite, i had 9 aps i took all that`was offered at my school</p>